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  1. So finally after almost a decade the Swedish rape allegations against Assange are dropped.
    What is this, the 3rd time now?

    Deputy Chief Prosecutor Eva-Marie Persson said the alleged victim’s complaint was credible. However, she added: ‘My assessment is that all investigative measures that can be taken have been taken. But… the evidence is not strong enough to file an indictment.’

    Read more:

  2. Has anyone else noticed how the MSM are hell bent on NZF electoral spending and a dirty poltics campaign!!

    Weird because the MSM had little to say about the Natz giving access and MP seats in return for $100k donations from other countries nationals, to influence NZ which is clearly a huge scandal that nobody mentions!!!!

    Not much interest either amongst the Woke about Natz racist comments either aka 2 Chinese are better than 2 Indians and reorganising their list based on race and the likely donations that they bring to the table! Who knew that an MP seat was so cheap, they should just tender it out so other races can bid for the opportunity! sarcasm.

    Easy fix – no electoral donations allowed at any party. They each get a set sum to campaign on to bring back NZ into a democracy and make it more about POLICY not MARKETING. This can make NZ a better place for people to live in, NOT how much lobbyists pay and how much money political parties can make from political donations.

    Likewise more interest from NZ in how MSM is clearly not reporting news anymore but just paid for propaganda in certain political directions aka RNZ has joined the rest of MSM on a global neoliberal pro immigration campaign for NZ and who is behind that I wonder! No alternate view. Notice that self censorship about immigration is continuing and people on TDB seem just as susceptible aka their used to be articles against things like scab labour aka Mike Treen used to write about how Sky city has actually reduced chef wages throughout NZ by bringing in overseas chefs to work in NZ, now he’s changed his tune and thinks we should bring more people in and it’s a workable option going forward!

    • You don’t happen to own a firearm do you @SaveNZ?
      Just that I’m a bit worried about your obsession. Slightly more worrying than an OCD on cleanliness.
      If not – as you were. Just curious, and best of luck in your future claiming ‘leftist’ creds.

  3. As the impeachment process becomes more threatening I have wondered what excuse Mr Trump might use to resign or withdraw his candidature from the next election. A surprise medical diagnosis would provide him with that excuse and allow him to save face. Any bets on what the diagnosis will be? (I’ll put $20 on resurgent bone spurs.)

    • Lol Rodel. Prostrate trouble would not affect brain, though it is possible at his age. Early-onset cancer from too much toxicity from hair dye perhaps?

      The cosmetic industry in the USA is poorly regulated so Trump could make up or embroider any story about
      being sick from something and get a whole lot of sympathy from the public.
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