TWITTER WATCH: Ummm – a National Party MP who seems to think we have 1000 years worth of coal to burn


Ummmmmm. WTF?

National MP says there’s ‘1000 years’ of coal to burn on West Coast

A National MP has said with “1000 years of reserves” of coal on the West Coast, there’s plenty of time to “come up with an alternative” source of income.

About 4000 people on the West Coast rallied at Greymouth’s Messenger Park on Sunday, concerned about Government changes to industries crucial to the region.   

They met in Greymouth, calling for support following a raft of legislation including a ban on mining on conservation land and tough restrictions on farming.

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National Party leader Simon Bridges was there, as was West Coast-based list MP Maureen Pugh. 

“Coasters can’t afford another three years of this Government and its constant attacks on West Coast livelihoods,” Bridges tweeted on Sunday afternoon, smiling for a photo with Pugh, whom he once described as “f**king useless”.

“They’re making their voice heard and we’re listening.”

Another Twitter user asked Bridges and Pugh if the West Coast’s “best course of action is developing more sustainable tourism like the Paparoa Track or Old Ghost Road, or mining coal until it’s all gone?”

Pugh responded, “We have another 1000 years’ of reserves so we’ll have come up with an alternative by then.”

We face an existential crisis with climate change. Ever since the Industrial Revolution, human beings have dumped so much CO2 into the atmosphere we are super heating the planet in a way that has never naturally occurred (outside mega volcano eruptions and meteor strikes) in the Earth’s 4.5billion year history.

We are desperately in trouble and have a political system that is too subservient to the existing economic interests that benefit from creating pollution and need political leadership.

It seems that leadership won’t be coming from National any time soon. If Maureen Pugh believes that we can burn coal for 1000 years and wait for a technological fix, we are doomed.

There won’t be a fucking technological fix if we burn 1000 years worth of coal because the fucking planet will be baked! If this is honestly the brains trust of National speaking, they are a zombie in desperate need of lunch.

We suspect that National MPs are all climate deniers, Pugh suggests they are climate morons.


  1. Well remember soimon did say she (pugh) was fucken useless her latest comments about coal use harks back to the dark ages maybe soimon was right. She don’t care she wont be here to fix the mess.

    • Pugh is like one of those bodyless clown faces at the carnival you throw the pingpong ball into an open mouth. It really is an empty vessel. Actually most if not all the National party are like that!

  2. Irrespective of the size of the coal reserve and irrespective of a politicians opinion of climate change there is a growing trend to move away from fossil fuels. This trend is gaining more traction and in the not too distant future will start hurting our economy. We need to plan and implement economic diversification strategies as soon as possible so that these activities can be adding value as the coal economy shrinks. Any politician who does not see that should not be in office.

    • Does anyone seriously think there is 1000 years of coal left on the West Coast – surely that’s not a credible statement?

  3. There are 983 million tonnes of in-ground coal in the region (
    2018 coal production figures for West Coast mines total 1,498,936 tonnes (
    Even using these easily obtained figures, at current rate of extraction: 980 million tonne divided by 1.5 million tonne equals approx 650 years of reserve.
    So she’s wrong or lying based on those figures.
    But wait……..
    Question for Moronn and Soimun: what is the human population doing? Is it greater or lesser than when you were in nappies, hmmm?
    And therefore, what affect do you think this has on consumption, hmmmm???

    Sweet baby cheeses. The National Party: “If we don’t know or care, we just make something up”.

  4. We must acknowledge Soimon…..he finally got something right. He previous description of Maureen Pugh to J.L.R was inch perfect.

    As for the Rat Party. They would advocate burning the new born babies of beneficiaries for fuel if they thought it was a vote catcher.

  5. At the cost of their election prospects, our conservatives still base themselves on reality. V. Oz and America. Just needs someone with no scruples(Trump) or realism ( the guys in Oz). Someone willing to monetarise ignorance. A Right shouter in lieu of the best sort of shouter.

    Who has voted for Labour since 84, when I would if Muldoon hadn’t called an early election? Glad I’ve never voted for those friends of the rich. Bit sorry about voting for the middle class Greens. Bernie. Demo-cracy was right. Disagree?!

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