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  1. You have to wonder why Fonterra can’t just organise a website for foreign buyers to directly buy baby formula????? The Chinese students seem to have no problem making money not losing hundreds of millions in partnerships with Chinese businesses that mysteriously lose money or start counterfeiting the products!

    Chinese consumers want to buy direct from the source country!

    Meet the Chinese students making up to $3000 a week selling Australian vitamins and baby formula back to China

    • Perhaps Labour should start pointing this out in case it has become so pervasive that the punters don’t see it.
      Labour could appeal to those who love their country, to not throw away their options and advantages of being in the EU. Labour can say out loud that austerity is not helping and if the UK stays in, then it will be making a strong case to start building an ethic of mild prosperity, nothing too wild and inflation causing, but making changes that will work out for all in the Europe that they enjoy being part of and love visiting and hosting.
      Don’t sit back and wait for the masses to unite and put forward a coherent strategy Corbyn you pillock.

  2. All those who complain about immigrants without thinking just a tiny bit about the conditions that drive them to journey alone into unknown futures may like to start a Give a Little effort or similar, to now help the poor (literally) families to have their loved ones returned to them. They are civilians who have died in the economic war that the wealthy who manipulate the free market for their own ends.

  3. ” Perhaps Labour should start pointing this out in case it has become so pervasive that the punters don’t see it ”
    Totally agree.

    There seems too be a reluctance too be assertive on the left which never used too be the case.

    Sure his enemies will deride him for being ” angry ” a slogan the right likes too throw around when they are faced with harsh criticism but he has too connect and somehow get past the MSM block wall and tell it like it is.

    The first televised debate is tomorrow and Johnson is already trying to set the tone for it by making about Labour and Brexit and not a debate on the other serious issues like the effects of nine years of austerity.

    Time is running out.

  4. The government dabbling where angels fear to tread? Why should the government care about a private company that isn’t making all the money it wanted? NZME is having another go at buying stuff. We will have a little bit ring-fenced off so that we can have a place for NZ stuff, probably about sea lions sleeping on a road and NZ First or Labour’s latest stuff-up, and that will be the news that stuff gives us. And we will all be slowly poisoned by Oz parliamentary news, views and blues.

    If there was a real ‘spirit of new zealand’ some of the richies would get together and buy it for the country’s sake but really we are just a real estate location, and there isn’t enough dough in it to make it worth the bother. They have had a go wil the railways, with an airline and played around at being tycoons (Bill Gates owns one of the Canadian railways for instance. If there is a spark of national pride and ability to take on a challenge, now is the time!

    Otherwise the Labour government will stuff it all up again, trying to be barons of business. Probably they would try to do a deal that would assist them in setting up a combined public media organisation in a cost-efficient manner, under the umbrella of ME News and we would lose our ability to have the details about anything from a NZ pov that enables those of us who care to keep ahead of what the facts and stats really are, and wht is happening, and why in the world and particularly in Oz. Of course they could buy it themselves and have a public newspaper all our own but Treasury wouldn’t let them, and if they insisted what would happen?

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