Renter Rights FINALLY from a Government desperate to prove they’re doing something


When Jacinda did her list of the things she had achieved in 2 minutes, the Planet swooned. Closer inspection of that list however showed how shallow the achievements truly were but it highlighted the fear the Government has about its voter base voter feeling that Jacinda hasn’t been transformational at all.

Gareth Hughes walking away from Parliament today because the Government hasn’t be transformative is proof of this deep seated resentment.

So Labour are now desperately scrambling to show the electorate who elected them that their vote hasn’t been wasted and lo and behold something meaningful policy on Renters Rights…

Government to ban rental bidding and end no-cause evictions

The Government will end no-cause evictions and ban rental bidding in an upcoming reset of rental laws.

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It will also limit rent rises to once a year, up from the current limit of once every six months.

These changes will be made well over a year since then-Housing Minister Phil Twyford finished consulting on them in October 2018.

…it’s good to see this Government finally appreciating that if they don’t grow a spine and actually pass some meaningful legislation they are out at the next election.

If every Landlord actually went through with their threat to sell their rental property every time a basic tenants right was legislated we would have a housing price crash. ‘Ok boomer’ is the best response to these snowflake landlords

This change for Renters is long overdue and in truth doesn’t go far enough but after the disappointment of Kiwibuild, lack of implementation of Welfare reforms, lack of real climate change legislation (being Zero Carbon in 31 years isn’t real change), lack of a Capital Gains tax and going no where fast on suicide, inequality and social housing, we will take any crumb from the table.

This Government is a feast of famines.


  1. Labour are losing their Indian voters the West Coast voters and the Maori seem to be seeing through their lies so they have to try the old knock the evil landlord trick. Bad landlords should be hit hard but most of these moves will only cause more of the good ones to sell up . There will be less houses rented out and rents will climb even higher. Only a year to go before Atonal and a expanded Act will hold the reigns again .

  2. Jacinda still doesn’t understand free market economics: If she makes being a landlord significantly more difficult, it will just force up rents. Her previous two virtue signalling exercises in this field, mandatory insulation and heating, have already done that.

    As for the boomers, I’m afraid that horse has already bolted. A friend who is a property valuer tells me he is seeing a steady trend of landlords selling their nest egg renter as they enter retirement. They’re mostly selling to first time home buyers, thus resulting in a net loss of rental stock. This will inevitably drive rents even higher and squeeze renters as never before.

      • Not really.

        Selling up to one of the newly imported 50,000 immigrants.

        Still a shortfall of 47,000 homes.

        Negative effect, rather than a net effect.

        • @James Thrace, Add 250,000 or more migrants to your figures per YEAR because of temporary work visas given out to students and low wage workers…on top of the 50,000 every year getting residency.

          yep anybody can buy a NZ house once they come here including TEMP visa holders like international students and temp workers that number 250,000 per year … plus the circa 50,000 that become new permanent residents and citizens each year, and even if new arrivals don’t buy a house, they still need somewhere to live and a transport system to get them around. Hence thousands of new cars coming onto the NZ roads every month as well as massive strain on our wastewater systems that the locals are expected to pay to upgrade.

          Then there are the illegal residents here, plenty of evidence to show that people are using multiple identities and even when deported are back here within a few years with the wife and having kids!

          Even if migrants are caught and jailed and deported they are still allowed back within a few years by law like Joanne Harrison. It’s crazy!

          The governments favourite drug smuggler Sroubek, also had multiple identities and managed to leave the country without anyone knowing.

          Great to be able to organise the crimes and international criminal networks here on different passports.

          Then there are the circa 5 million tourists coming each year…

          and anybody around the world can buy new construction NZ apartments and anybody from OZ and Singapore can buy our residential property as of right due to existing trade agreements.

  3. cut it out , she said she was going to be doing this come november ages ago .

    I noticed it because about 7 or 8 months ago I moved into what I thought was my dream flat ,

    cost me a bit to move . the landlady began harassing me and gave me notice after only 6 weeks .

    she had the sold the place on me just like that .

    I thought to myself far out, pity Jacinder wasnt doing it then , just my luck ..

    • So in your World a property owner cannot sell their own property when they want to . If she knew she was going to sell that should have been made plan to the new tenant but sometimes your circumstances change and you need to cash in your assets.With this new law less people will be prepared to invest in rental property

      • Yes Trevor she should have , 6 weeks ? she knew what she doing

        took me and my money for a few weeks shortfall while waiting for her deal to come through .

        explain to me how that’s not fraudulent .?

        in my world I am still Believe in common decency .

        are you into history ?

        go and read about the clearances in Scotland and Ireland .

        then tell me that the gentrification of our country and the behaviour of that high percentage of middle class property owners is not the same thing .

  4. ‘No cause evictions’ is a BS term. It should be a right of a landlord and a tenant to give notice to end an agreement, without having to give a reason. Forcing landlords to lock themselves into existing or new agreements seems like an overreaction and will prove to be counter productive.

    I have little sympathy with many landlords, and certainly no sympathy with the Barfoot and Thomsons, Ray Whites, Professionals and others, who ‘manage’ properties by extorting fees out of landlords and high rents out of tenants.

    But there are also good landlords, e.g. private small scale investors, who bought one or two extra homes to rent out for their additional retirement income and so.

    Forcing all over the same brush does not make much sense.

    But the 12 month rule for rent increases and some other things are welcome. Tenants who abide by the law and their valid, legal agreements deserve security of tenure and a life as a renter that makes them feel safe and respected.

    But let us wait for the backlash, there will be some discussion, and some amendments to the soon to be proposed law, I am sure.

  5. If that becomes law, i.e. forcing landlords to give reasons, or prove bad conduct of their tenants, to get rid of them, then landlords will bring in more fixed term tenancies, causing more insecurity for renters, or will opt out of being landlords, so only contributing to the housing crisis.

    Perhaps fixed term tenancies must be restricted also, only allowed under certain, strict conditions, otherwise tenancy agreements should be periodic, i. e. unlimited in duration.

    • @Marc, Or private landlords sell their housing and the tenants are forced into more and more business run social housing and bogus housing charities and trusts and forced to pay more and have less service while the taxpayers money is not spent on hospitals and schools it’s spent on $1000 p/w for a 1 room hotel room or dorm room with nobody accountable for that.

      They war against private landlords is to ensure that the above becomes the norm in NZ! Less rights for tenants, less choice with more housing shortages as private landlords sell up, and more profits for multinational housing businesses that are doing a storm of demand with neoliberals in charge!

  6. how ever you look at the truth of the matter is

    national and labour are one and the same playing a game of good cop and bad cop .

    what they are doing over all is borrowing money from their mates overseas and giving it to their mates here. land lords, trucking companies ,dairy ? probably yep they are mates of the chinese arnt they ?lots of mates .

    and they are getting the poor and unfortunate to pay for it .while holding the country to ransome as they do .by extortionate means .

    simple really .

  7. Doing things because you want to without a reason is narcisstic . more and more think like that . think they can do whatever they want , no matter the consequence for others look at trump . an extreme case ? maybe .

    30 years of neo liberalism has brought out the worst in us .

    look at the joker who shot the muslims in christchurch . he didnt have a reason he just wanted to .

  8. And yet

    – still no requirement for parasite managers to be trained or skilled or have any type of qualification to be a parasite manager

    – this is not going to stop the likes of Quinovic from raising the rent beyond the contractual amount they have to pay the landlord which gives them more opportunity to feather their nest. Quinovic regularly raise rents and pocket the difference while still claiming parasite fees from the owner. E.g. the property is rented for $600 pw. The contract between Quinovic and the owner stipulates Quinovic pays the owner $450 pw. That’s $150 PW that Quinovic pocket, while charging their fee on the $600pw. It’s a greedy business model and not one that renters, or landlords, are concerned about.

  9. Nothing like the slightest whiff of a fairer deal for renters to get the neo rentiers and property flickers squealing. Sure 30 years of neo liberal thinking makes “me me me-mine mine mine” as natural to some as the falling rain, but the fact is young New Zealanders should have a way better life than paying off someone else’s mortgage, without even a secure, stable situation in return for the extortionate rents.

    Increase public housing supply massively over ten years, and deal to these parasites is the answer. If local developers and building suppliers cannot bring themselves to stop cherry picking the McMansion market, and play a more useful role in society–then import flat packs and build modular to deal to them too.

    • exactly .

      and this country is so rich we just need to stick a pole in the ground and it comes up a tree .

  10. My reading is that many social housing aka compass and Campus Living Villages (CLV) tenants do not have the right to complain to the tenancy tribunal?

    Isn’t that a lot more serious as a breach of tenants rights bought in under Greens and Labour??????

    As well as sharing the kitchen and bathrooms and being sexually harassed and bullied there are now unnoticed deaths too!

    Seriously while people are bagging landlords who are actually supplying housing to the majority, the businesses are creeping in to address social housing, and making much higher price hikes, less service and nobody to complain to!

    Lessons of Grenfell not being heard, in fact going into the Grenfell direction because Greens and Labour are so stupid!

    Ease up on the private landlords while you sort out the biggest routs to renters rights social housing for profit business and bogus charities!

    Boomers and landlords are clearly the new MSM scapegoat from housing to climate change and using dirty politics, Labour and Greens are bound to fall straight into it, and lose the election by echoing the MSM identity wars with bad policy that only targets certain groups who are the swing voters!

  11. horrible eh ? save NZ .

    when I was about 5 or 6 and state houses were all the go and good ones too.

    we had transit camps to live in while we were waiting .like the minestery of work camps we also used to have once upon a time .

    non of this dodgy motel nonsence giving our money to god knows who .

    bring that idea back and the minestry of works along with it .

  12. Look we can all moan as much as we like but i blame those who continued to vote for national for 9 years.
    Nationals’polices exacerbated poverty, homelessness and inequalities they used high immigration to please businesses and farmers at our expense. This increased pressure on all our infrastructure. Then to make matters worse not enough people were trained. If back then, 11 years ago now they had put enough people through building and trade apprentices we would not be in the predicament we are in now. Instead they continued to bring in immigrants when our country couldn’t and hasn’t coped and was not ready for this many people. People need to start looking at who is calling for more immigration and why and how this is happening and who this effects the most. Who is the real enemy here on this issue?

  13. it is only a part of the problem save NewZealand but its the part of the problem we are focusing on here . lets not scatter our fire .wasting our shot so to speak .

    if Jacinder does get real about fixing this . we are going to need the help of Jill and bob the building types

    from overseas .

    why not a working holiday / woofer type scheme . we have space in places like the army camp on the dessert road . with a ministry of works we could begin pre fabricating houses from plans thought out by
    the architects in our universities . down there is the mountain for winter sports , toupo for fishing .

    we could out an sos to liberal democracies ? cuba ?

    just braining storming here . what do you reckon ?

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