It’s official! NZ Film industry newest propaganda arm for Chinese military – why RNZ/TVNZ Public Broadcasting merger matters


Take a bow NZ Film Industry.

Keep bowing.

Touch your toes.


Now you’re ready for China.

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News that our film industry is the latest propaganda franchise for the Chinese military shouldn’t shock us that much…

Chinese propaganda films are being made in New Zealand at taxpayer expense

“Anyone who offends China, no matter how remote, must be exterminated,” isn’t a line you’d expect to find in a New Zealand film – let alone a film that received $243,000 tax rebate from the Government.

Yet it’s the tagline for Wolf Warrior 2, a militaristic Chinese propaganda film, partly made in New Zealand.

The film qualified for the Government’s screen production grant, allowing it to receive a cool $243,000 taxpayer-funded rebate on the $1.2 million the film’s producers spent on Kiwi shores. 

…if we are prepared to throw $300m in film rebates to the worlds richest human being, who won’t the Film Industry get into bed with?

With the questionable relationship the NZ Herald has with our Chinese Overlords, the continuing encroachment Hollywood and China has in our media spectrum is one of the reasons why the NZ Government must take the proposals of merging TVNZ and RNZ seriously…

Govt to consider replacing RNZ, TVNZ with new public broadcaster

The fate of RNZ and TVNZ may soon be in the hands of Cabinet ministers, with a proposal to disestablish both broadcasters and create an entirely new public media entity.

…we need a media platform that espouses NZ cultural values and interests as a strategic value, not just a public services good.

Corporate Hollywood and Chna’s military are co-opting our story telling industry as an extension of their soft power, we urgently need to see merging TVNZ and RNZ as a National Interest investment so we can inoculate our culture to American and Chinese narratives.

The TVNZ/RNZ merger idea would see TV One going commercial free (leaving MediaWorks some breathing space) while becoming a platform for voices that are ignored by the mainstream, while bringing entertainment, while expanding news rooms.

There’s even the possibility of a 24 hour news channel utilising expanded news rooms, social media spaces and ending the duplication of hour plus stations on Freeview.

With China and America dominating our cultural industry, we desperately need a NZ voice independent of those cultural interests.

The time for Kris Faafoi to lead is now, and NZ First should recognise an expanded TVNZ-RNZ for the national security issue it is. Don’t worry about the Greens Kris, they’ll do what they are told and Radio NZ’s shrill squeals against this are just snooty and precious where as TVNZs protestations will be the hatred of finally having to do public broadcasting.

Go over the top of them.

Jacinda and the Front Bench need to act quickly and Grant Robertson needs to open the wallet and borrow for this upgrade now.

We can’t keep subsidising Chinese military propaganda and American corporate interests to tell their stories and sell their values without contributing to our own voice and our own national interests.



  1. But what is “…our own voice and our own national interests….” ?
    Who can remember when we had either?
    I look outside and in the distance I see DOC employees planting along a small creek bank. They’re all wearing preposterous orange fluro vests. In the middle of nowhere. Beside a creek that’s six inches deep. Using spades and shovels.
    We should all be very afraid. Orange vests have nothing to do with safety and everything to do with marketing control. Control over us.
    Think of the Film Industry in AO/NZ as two things.
    Creative, artistic, talented people would express themselves using their various talents and gifts to create a master piece we could all immerse our exhausted selves in to for a moments respite from the tyranny of that other thing.
    Which is; Thing#2
    ‘Production’ is everywhere. It’s a common tedium and it sniffs out the money of others. That’s it’s only talent.
    In todays ‘film industry’ it is the production thing that calls the shots. Not the creative thing.
    That means every thing produced will ultimately look and sound the same. And it is. Just look around.
    Think of todays AO/NZ film industry as an emerging shopping mall.
    A word of advice, you foreign types wanting to film here. You want to have a gaggle of servile Kiwi film production minions licking your boots and wiping your arses? Show them your money.
    They will do anything for your money. I mean ‘anything’.

    Re RNZ and TVNZ. Our politicians are throwing our public-owned brand names under a bus. ‘RNZ’ and ‘TVNZ’ are too intrinsically attached to our mystery eyed remembrances of an AO/NZ long gone. Best get rid lest it cause an uprising against what’s about to come ashore with pockets full of money.
    Again. We should be very afraid. And very, very angry.

  2. Chinese goose-stepper’s marching on Queen St in Auckland, and now a Chinese Rambo on film , which we , the taxpayers of NZ helped pay for…

    The writing was on the wall a decade ago.

    But in that time for example National managed to let immigration get wildly out of control and promote a former Chinese spy trainer who practiced in mainland China at a military academy… Australia denied him work at their University’s , – but what did the NZ National party do? Made him a bloody MP, that’s what. After accepting a chicken feed donation , of course… and of course bank rolled by the CCP… and don’t say it wasn’t, either.

    This is where vested interests and cushy business deals take precedence over our own population and our own sovereignty… and our democracy. This is the sort of crud in our parliaments, – sell outs and traitors.

    And yes, our media aka TVNZ / RNZ should be merged and used to inoculate ourselves from these subversive foreigners agendas. Especially regards the news. Especially the news. Complete with regular studio grillings of politicians. And I MEAN grilling. A real good arse – kicking when needs be as well. And if they have a problem with that? ,… remind em we’re paying for it, – not them.

    And we voted for them and pay them high salary’s to execute OUR WILL , not theirs.

  3. In the past where state agencies have been “amalgamated”, it is usually followed by a throw the baby out with the bathwater exercise really just designed to save money. I doubt that anyone in parliament would recognize a public broadcaster if one bit them in the bum. I can just imagine the “modern” current affairs shows. Quick soundbites with tame interviewers designed to avoid scaring the horses. I hope to be proved wrong.

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