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  1. The 2nd Paris Peace Forum is on and we have an entry amongst a range of thoughts from different countries.
    Second Paris Peace Forum (11-13.11.19) – France-Diplomatie … › … › French Foreign Policy › Civil society
    After the first Paris Peace Forum in November 2018, this year’s event will be held from 11 to 13 November 2019, at the Grande Halle de La Villette, Paris.

    The 10 points that we put forward from the Australasian area are:
    What do you think? On first read they seem stilted, prescriptive, and of course government-based. But can we trust government to handle our cultures so they don’t produce situations that lead to hate? Looking back on near history and past, can we say that we have done so successfully? If we had a living wage, housing, and wellbeing for all would we be content and happy and hate would never grow? I wonder. Looked at objectively it seems that humans are good at storing up resentments that fester. Then that can erupt in words and/or actions that have serious damaging results and hey presto, hate arises like an ugly genie. Now how would Paris view this consideration; dismiss it as idle meandering, or expressed in a plebeian way so not in the correct thought-speak?

  2. Slowly it’s coming out that the COL that campaigned on reducing immigration is actually been increasing it.

    Funny enough, the MSM did not mention it prior to the election year so now the COL have a big mess to explain!

    Funny enough the MSM also seem to come to a remarkable conclusion that we should increase permanent residency to help the problem which surely is going to increase the very issues that Hickey talks about aka our housing and infrastructure shortages (and what he does not mention our social security blow outs that can not be sustained with the onslaught of demand).

    Shouldn’t be just clarify that our TEMP work visas are TEMP and get rid of the assumption given by business scammers that somehow they will get residency off the back of a fake job or relative?

    … Well Hickeys pro immigration strategy of more permanent residents and ignoring the growing issues, does come from a Hickey that predicted the housing crash for years while it did the opposite and rose to stratospheric levels in the last decade because he failed to believe hundreds of thousands of new residents into NZ affected housing!

    Now apparently that magical thinking strikes again!

    Funny enough in NZ many people use to do an OE and live and work in the UK for a number of years on TEMP work visas… I failed to remember how exploitative that was considered! It was a great multicultural experience that everyone loved and not a hand out!

    We came, we saw the world, made a bit of money with temp jobs and then RETURNED home, NOT having the bizarre entitlement syndrome that our (MSM and Neoliberals) have that a petrol attendant/pub job would ensure we and our relatives could get permanent residency and citizenship in the UK and free health care, education, social security and pension and state housing from the UK government for the rest of our lives and inherit to our kids!

    We also need to protect our democracy by cracking down on so many accessing our voting, housing, health care and social security on the basis of a fake student or crap job or fake business that does not make any profit!

    The holder of any resident class visa is entitled:[1]

    to stay in New Zealand indefinitely
    to work in New Zealand or in the exclusive economic zone of New Zealand
    to study in New Zealand
    to receive free or subsidised health care at publicly funded health services.[2]
    to free education at state-run primary and secondary schools, and subsidised fees for domestic students at private schools and tertiary institutions.[3]
    to enrol and vote in elections (after one year of residence).[4][5]
    to receive a social security benefit (after two years’ residence for Jobseeker Support, Sole Parent Support and Supported Living Payment; after ten years’ residence for New Zealand Superannuation; varies for other benefits).
    to sponsor a partner, parents or dependent children during their visa application[6]

  3. Burn that man Spoonley’s research and publications!!! God that bloody rant just now on Nine to Noon was too much. Not surprising though I guess from an activist media outlet. Respected researcher my arse!!
    Hickey’s too!
    While we’re at it, Stringer’s work on exploitation will make a damn good fire.
    They’re all bloody biased for a start.

    And if anyone starts talking about colonisation once more, I reckon we should put ’em in the army to show ’em some discipline.

  4. Peter Williams obviously is taking backhanders as he is the most aggressive anti- climate change deviant we have ever seen.

    Oil companies must’ve done a brain transplant on him????

  5. lawrence yule had a bloody cheek to moan about not enough housing in the Hawkes Bay. What did he do when he was mayor for many years? nothing in fact he sat back and let national knock down many state houses he didn’t care about the people.

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