Political Caption Competition


Hong Kong Police helping China bring order with a shoot now public safety policy.


  1. The young people of Hong Kong flood the streets to show their jubilation at the prospect of being ruled by the glorious Chinese Communist Party and his royal magnificence Emperor Winnie the Pooh!

  2. Innnnteresting, the authority worshiping nzild public stand in solidarity with the black masked thugs attacking Hong Kong police??? Look closely to the left of the cops head.

  3. After weeks spent destroying the city and beating old people the protestors are surprised that someone has been shot? Tha fuck? And the western press now choose to amplify this particular incident? I know for a fact police in NZ have shot and killed people advancing on them. So suck it up, own it.

  4. At times, it can be difficult for me to fathom just how quickly the intellectual, and emotional age of the comments section of pretty much every blog in NZ has descended into pre-adolescent drivel… The time to really wind up on the protesting, and activism, was when the handover, (the one agrees to nearly a hundred years ago) was being negotiated.. Now, we have the sight of a belated, at best, rear guard action that is almost certain to fail… The Chinese government may grant a few variations on the deal, but I wouldn’t be holding my breath on that… the really stupid thing is that it is the British that should be taken to task for abandoning these people, after giving them false hope of a permanent stay of execution… Think with your minds for a little while boys and girls… Childish attempts at humour, or silly conspiracy prattle have no place in an adult debate, so grow up and join the real human race… Those of us who actually care about what happens over the next decades/centuries are beginning to despair of what passes for intelligent debate in NZ… All we can see is a mass of utter self obsession… Welcome to your own end girls and boys…

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