Look at the apocalyptic fires in Australia – when will they start fleeing to NZ?


NSW and QLD bushfires: Worst may still be yet to come with catastrophic conditions forecast

Three people died and 200 homes and sheds were lost to bushfires over the weekend in NSW and QLD, but experts have warned the worst may still be yet to come.

Firefighters are continuing to battle blazes in both states, as residents in parts of Western Australia are on high alert with an “Extreme Fire Danger” forecast for the South Interior.

This is the future.

As the planet super heats because of human pollution, more and more extreme weather events will occur. This apocalyptic fire season in Australia will become the norm and there is a point where living in some parts of Australia will simply become untenable.

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Where do we think those Australians are going to flee to?


There are 24.5 million Australians.

There are barely 5 million of us.

How are we going to cope politically and culturally if swamped by our larger neighbour?

Currently Australia treats us with contempt. They have flooded our country with 501s and strip NZers living there of any rights. How do you think they will teat us if they flee here on mass?

Forget China and America having too much influence over us, it will be Australians fleeing climate change who will be the real problem.

Fortress Aotearoa will become a pressing demand from locals trying to protect the last life boat from becoming an Australian territory.


  1. Yes that thought crossed my mind when reading some of the comments on Twitter about what’s happening in Australia. Not to mention the decline in their ag, hort and water supplies.

    Its not just Australia that said. What about Indonesia who are right next door with one of the worlds largest armies?

    Maybe we will always be someone else’s colony but I think in this case it would simply be the end of us.

  2. Why not make them flood Tasmania instead then they will find out what it is like too be detained on an island like the refugees on Nauru.

  3. Heaven help us, now millions of Aussies coming our way to rub shoulders with all the Asians, English, South Africans & Americans etc who’ve jumped the gun before them. Where will it all end? Probably when NZ citizens are at the back of queue when it comes to jobs, flats, health services & education etc (it’s all ready happening bro). Love the irony of spending many decades building up a country for foreigners to step into & enjoy.

  4. There is zero evidence the latest fires are anything to do with climate change.

    Aussie has a long history of bush fires, for example the bush fires in 1903 were far worse than the current ones. To manage this, aboriginals used to deliberately back-burn fire breaks prior to colonisation; a practice going back thousands of years. Many native flora have evolved to actually promote fire and some are reliant on fire to initiate seed dispersal. So it’s a part of life there.

    So what’s the problem with the current fires?

    1. Many local councils stopped the removal of dead wood from bush nearby towns in the belief it is somehow good for the environment. It probably saved a dollar too.
    2. Tree pruning around power lines has been reduced and now they have a problem with branches falling and bringing down lines.
    3. Life-stylers have moved out of the suburbs and into backwoods. Possibly to avoid the stigma of looking like Kath & Kim. All those majestic eucalyptus trees that looked so pretty in their yards are now a threat to life.

    • Andrew once again a voice of reason .Fires are a natural occurrence in Australia their trees need the heat and ash to open the seeds to allow new growth . In 5-6 years you would not know a fire had occurred. The main difference now is that people in their quest to live with nature have built in wooded areas. The Greens have been vocal in stopping burn backs and clearing vegetation. Town dwellers have moved to the country and do not understand what it takes to servive

  5. A short post. It has all the salient facts. Our government has no answer to Australia’s aggression to us.
    We have sold our banks to them, we are giving away water to the world, our politicians are like Andrew in their thinking, flopping around with trivial side issues, and can’t even make a decision to ban fireworks without deep discussion and a Treasury report and reference to some overseas manufacturer who might explode in incandescent rage.

    But behind all this weakness is a great clump of complacent people who are still after the objects of desire of the 20th century; building houses like they had in 1970 Australia, in love with the neat suburbs of the Truman Show, or the lifestyle blocks where they have llamas and grow lavender. These people want to indulge their fantasies or angsts, training for marathons, going on huge cruise ships to look at the world before it disappears for only $5,000 to $15,000 for longer trips. NZs are still planning businesses that won’t return a profit in 10 years.

    The Australians will take advantage of us as they have always done. Remember the Ansett debacle and the hate that the Oz stewardess who acted as spokesperson in the media rained down on us. The Ozzies sold us a dog, the pollies had agreed to give AirNZ some domestic routes there, but Qantas intervened and they quickly renegged. The Oz government had to partly bail us out of their leaky business but made sure they got it all back 100 fold. They are prepared to suck us dry because they stand tight against change that would save or ameliorate because their moneyed interests are doing okay, and they have more of them than we do. Also our moneyed interests like to be able to strut with their wealthy in solidarity. The way that they have allowed the Hunter River to salt up is one example. Decades of effort have gone into persuading the agricultural interests to adopt Mulloon Natural Sequence Farming, simply slowing water flow, managing grazing better, and encouraging more green natural cover would have alleviated the drought effects.

    Neither National or Labour have any answers for our protection. We made bold gestures decades ago about banning nuclear use, but took our eyes off Treasury and the whiteanting Labour boys who ushered in neo lib while we didn’t smell the whisky on their breath. Now we might have a parallel with our anti-terrorism and anti-racism meme while the bricks of our economy are quietly being dismantled and being sold off with any spare land available, by the busy financial ants, who are all ready to flee with their prizes if something disturbs their equanimity.

  6. Australian Deputy PM McCormack playing petty politics to avoid saying how horrendous the fires are and
    whether they are gopng to wind down their coal production.

    When the effects are being felt the hardest, the government are quicker than ever to duck and weave the climate change question…
    Deputy PM Michael McCormack even launched a scathing tirade against climate change activists on Monday, labelling them “raving inner-city lunatics” ‘…

  7. 21 of our firefighters are going to help Queensland for 14 days. Seems reasonable. Australia is rich and brings possibly responsible for the ferocity of its fires by its own actions, even for the fires themselves. (As we often are, still allowing farmers to have burn-offs with a recent fire being from rekindling of supposed dead embers from 6 weeks ago, I think.) Are we helping not-rich Pacific Islands? Who need our help and don’t have the equipment or money to buy them, or perhaps the training in whatever!

    However we need to learn and keep up our skills in fire fighting, and work at being on top of fire prevention – no private fireworks, no burning off, no tall buildings like Grenfell towers in the UK (I thought I heard a report of a pollie over there criticising the dead people from it who should have got out of the building!) The authorities need to use their powers coupled with their brains and whatever integrity they possess and ensure that there is capacity to help in emergencies and sensible controls to prevent them.

    The NSW Rural Fire Service say: ‘The NSW Rural Fire Service, the world’s largest fire service. Our 74,000 volunteer members provide emergency services to more than 95 percent of NSW.’ They have an excellent computer program showing fire problems, categories of seriousness etc and is updated regularly at present every 10 minutes and has 3 icons showing alert levels informing problem areas, and their situation. This program if it is reliable without bugs, seems the state of the art system we should have. I haven’t looked at our own yet. But this is the link for NSW.

  8. I quite like Aussies.

    Except the racist, homophobic fuckwits. The Americanised ones.
    They can burn. They will anyway. One way or another.

  9. There’s one question that so far has been overlooked and unanswered – why do they keep building houses in the middle of forestry areas?
    There are parts of Australia which burned in years gone by, and houses in the midst were destroyed.
    What did they do? They rebuilt them – in the same places!
    A reasonably learned person would understand that trees burn – and if your house is in the middle of them it’s going to burn as well.
    It’s no different to building a house right next to a river. At some point the river is going to flood, and your house will be submerged.
    I’m not saying don’t have trees anywhere near your house, but limit them – and keep some distance from large stands of trees which could catch fire and threaten your property.
    Too easy?

  10. The political firestorm that has engulfed the Australian Liberal and Labour parties over climate change can only grow.

    In the objective world outside politics, fires, drought, heatwaves, catastrophic floods are growing worse.

    The Australian public experiencing these extreme climatic events are becoming increasingly worried/frightened/angry, and want their government to do something about it.

    But both the Liberal and Labour parties are committed to the fossil fuel sector particularly the coal industry are unableto do anything.

    And so the political firestorm intensifies and grows.

    In the past the fuel this political firestorm has mostly burned, is Prime Ministers….

    This may change, instead of being a cosmetic change at the top a seismic change across the face of Australian politics and society is on the cards.

    Whether it will be a change to a more responsive or repressive regime is where the battle will go now.

    Watch this space.

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