Political Caption Competition


National Party parades seem a tad martial


  1. In their country we would get arrested for doing this is. We seriously need to look at our immigration policies and who we let in our country. The national party let in far too many all to lower our wages. And who does this hurt, it hurts the very people national policies are putting the boot into.

  2. Surely this is a prank by some Hong Kong students? – if it is, the message sure got home about mass immigration from a communist country and the ‘right wing ‘ ChiNational partys love affair with them.

    If so , it makes sense of Bill Englishs quip at a business luncheon a few years back about ” the concept of national sovereignty is now dead”…

    For some , Bill, only for some…

    Oh,… and is there still a former Chinese spy trainer in the ChiNational party ?

    Maybe its a few of his mates parading around in their ridiculous monkey suits announcing the preemptive arrival of the Chinese military to reclaim these islands for itself…?

  3. Relax everyone. These two queens are just members of the Blue Dragons Marching Boys Team showing their pride at the Chinese Hero Parade.

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