Our Chinese Overlords trick Sleepy Hobbits into expanded ‘free’ trade deal


While people dressed up in Chinese military uniforms march up Queen street in the weekend, while Hong Kong crackdowns continue, and NZ mumbles our very, very, very quiet problems with China running brutal gulags that harvest body organs from dissidents, our Chinese Overlords trick us into an expanded ‘free’ trade deal…

Jacinda Ardern announces upgrade on free trade agreement with China

According to the Government, the key outcomes of the upgrade include:

• New rules that will make exporting to China easier and reduce compliance costs for New Zealand exports by millions of dollars each year, such as faster border release of fresh food products, and other products that may have to go through other countries en route to China.

• The most ambitious environment chapter and the highest level of commitment that China has agreed in any FTA. It includes commitments to promote environment protection and ensure that environmental standards are not used for trade protectionist purposes.

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• Giving 99 per cent of New Zealand’s $3 billion wood and paper trade to China preferential access, with tariff elimination over a 10-year period on 12 additional wood and paper products worth NZ$36 million in trade to China.

…the first ‘win’ is just China getting our goods to them quicker so that we are more dependent on them.

The second ‘win’ really stops us from saying no to water being taken by China if we attempt to use environmental standards to block them.

And the third ‘win’ is simply China positioning themselves to be our largest consumer of wood as we urgently attempt to transition away from Dairy so that they still have us economically over a barrel.

And what did China want for these ‘wins’, why having more Chinese Nationals working in NZ of course…

The only change identified for China by New Zealand was in greater flexibility for visa allocations under the “iconic Chinese occupations”.

The overall allocation of 800 will be unchanged but Chinese tour guides will increase from 100 to 200 places and be broadened to include Chinese tourism specialists; and Mandarin teaching aides will be increased from 150 to 300 places by a redistribution from under-used categories.

…we will slowly become the Tibet of the South Pacific if we don’t reorientate our interests.

China thinks 50, 100, 150 years in advance. New Zealanders barely comprehend anything past the current Summer.

All bow to our Chinese Overlords.



  1. colonisation by stealth .slowly slowly .untlil one day we wake up and its all gone and its all over and we are shot .

  2. colonisation by stealth .until one day we wake up and its all over and its all gone and we are shot.

    thats not a pretty picture .

  3. About time too don’t you think we acknowledged that the main parties in NZ consistently adopt polices and sign trade deals that are essentially neo liberal?

    Time for no more excuse, instead a simple acceptance of the fact we need to stop voting for more of the same if we want different outcomes.

    Suffice to say after the dubious about turn on the CP-TPP this surprises me not one iota.

    • Time is now for Martyns Fortress New Zealand {is that the one ?}to be off the paper and into life .

      you betcha .

  4. Chinese are laughing all the way to the bank with the growing reliance on them and grovelling from business and governments alike while turning a blind eye to pretty eye opening differences – which are not just historic, happening right now!

    Unspeakable horror: China’s most terrifying secret exposed to world

    ‘My hair turned white’: report lifts lid on China’s forced confessions

    Fan Bingbing’s mysterious disappearance: what it means for China’s elite

    China jails human rights campaigner

    Even if you don’t care about human rights. Considering the state of Fonterra with their China foray’s aka now massively in debt, it is hard to see how well Chinese investments with NZ companies is working. Yes it benefits Chinese companies but the NZ side seem to be shafted, broken and eventually bought into Chinese management going cheap! (Still to happen to Fonterra but you have to say the Chinese are probably rooting for their demise and a cheap sale!)


    Chinese citizens are desperate for reliable milk powder from NZ companies so can’t work out Fonterra can’t have a website to order and ship it from NZ which would be minimal cost! But maybe the Chinese don’t allow that in our ‘free’ trade agreements.

    • I read some of your linked material. Pretty awful, but its certainly believable. I can tell you from experience that most of what your would call your “average” Chinese react to such claims in two ways. Either they justify it by claiming, as the Chinese controlled media say, that the Chinese authorities are responding to “terror” attacks and thus the victims deserve what they get…..like Falun Gong.
      They totally avoid the question, won’t talk about it, pretend their English has suddenly failed them or profess they have no idea what you are talking about.
      The Chinese people have been politically groomed over a few thousand years to do and say what their masters tell them. The masters may be a bit different from what they used to be but the song remains the same.

  5. We see China as a sleeping giant run by the “Chinese Communist Party”, who want to rule the world.
    So we hope Jacinda knows what she is signing us up to here.
    “NZ in Chinese bondage”

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