THIS MONDAY: 8pm Pub Politics – Climate Hoax or Climate Crisis? Live streamed from Chapel Bar on Ponsonby Rd


Live from the Chapel Bar on Ponsonby Rd, 8pm this Monday – Climate crisis or climate hoax with:

National Party Climate Change Spokesperson – Scott Simpson
Leader of TOP – Geoff Simmons
School Strike 4 Climate Auckland coordinator – Luke Wijohn
Magic Talk Host – Peter Williams

Hosted by Bomber Bradbury & live-streamed on The Daily Blog

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  1. Here is our position on ‘fresh water’ and ‘climate change’ for the panel to read before your show on the 11th November.

    Citizens Environmental Advocacy Centre Incorporated. (CEAC) Est’ 2001.
    PO Box 474. Napier. Email;
    Protecting our environment & health.
    In association with other Community Groups, NHTCF and all Government Agencies since 2001.
    • Health and wellbeing.
    • East Coast Transport Project.
    Oct 8th 2019.
    CEAC Submission to – Government.
    ‘Action for healthy waterways’

    CEAC say’s “Road runoff dust; an overlooked water pollutant.”

    Oct 8th 2019.
    Final amended submission to ‘Action for healthy waterways’
    From : Citizens Environmental Advocacy Centre

    • We all know that ‘Climate change’ is happening.
    • Transport CO2 Carbon emissions are increasing.
    • Transport tyre dust emissions/road ‘runoff’ pollution of our waterways.
    • We must all do our part.

    CEAC reminds us that while the thrust of the MP James Shaw’s “Climate Change Panel” and the MfE ‘Action for a healthy waterways’ has left transport out of the emissions picture while the panel has largely prioritised its focus on agriculture, there is another water pollutant that is damaging NZ’s waterways.

    Transport is the real ‘elephant in the room’, and is not being focused on.

    While many scientific facts are emerging around our future regarding ‘micro-plastics’ are now entering our environment, being found in both artic regions of snow and ice causing alarming increases in the ice/snow melt that are responsible for increasing ‘Climate Change’

    The climate change panel and Ministry of the Environment must now concentrate more on;
    • Micro-plastics emissions from transport tyres.
    • Along with using less energy to lower the air pollution/emissions.
    • Fully recognise that increasing transport will increase tyre dust emissions that are the micro-plastics responsible for global warming.
    • Use public transport and rail freight rather than the past practice Governments used to commit 90% of all NZ’s freight task to road freight.

    Government (EY) 2016 transport study shows we need far more rail use.

    Last week CEAC attended along with over 350 attendees a public meeting of the ‘Ministry of Environment clean water forum’ and witnessed many angry farmers complain about being unfairly targeted as causing ‘climate change’.

    We received a large applause from our speech on transport tyre emissions causing substantial “climate change effects”.
    On August 29th 2019 CEAC wrote an article showing how our rural area was exposed from overuse of truck freight that will cause road runoff pollutants into our waterways now since (quote) ‘our environment is now increasing with more trucks carrying all stock, aggregate, fertilser, supplies for farming, eg; fencing, draining pipes, earthmoving equipment, aggregate, stock feed, and many other supplies, so history now tells us that these trucks are also causing more carbon/emissions and pollutants from ‘road runoff of effluent, and vehicle contaminants’ EG; tyre dust, brake/clutch oil/exhaust pollutants as discussed in our press release.’ (unquote)

    • How can we reduce (micro-plastics) along with other pollutant impacts to our steams/rivers/lakes/aquifers/drinking water/coastal regions?


    We must also stop the discharge of those tyre dust micro-plastics ‘road runoff’ into our coastal estuaries as this allows the microplastics to be carried by tidal/current flows to our polar ice shelves and snowfields which will increase snow and ice melting as a team of German scientists two weeks ago discovered tyre particulates have been discovered ice the polar snow and icecaps.
    (QUOTE) “According to the Rubber Manufacturers Association, each tire produced takes 7 gallons of oil”

    According to the European Commission Environmental Integration Research the road dust (tyre dust) evidence is confirmed under the heading “Road dust; an overlooked pollutant.”

    Many scientific studies have linked particulate air pollution to daily death rates in cities.

    These two documents provide the evidence to show about “road dust from tyres is an overlooked pollutant of our waterways.
    Tyre dust is micro-plastics.

    Clearly climate change is here.

    • Government must act now to lower tyre dust pollution.
    • lower polluting our waterways/rivers/aquifers/drinking water by reducing road based freight transport.
    • Reduce CO2 carbon emissions, using rail, as truck fleets are now increasing.
    • Use rail modal provincial freight.

    • Sadly Manfred; – the authors of the article you sent (excellent as it is) it never focused on what we refer to as “The elephant in the room”- and we are now heavily concentrating on “micro-plastics” and ‘tyre dust’ as a new major threat to the environment in the form of that ‘insidious’ pollution that we all are still unconscious of as producing every day without any awareness.

      ‘Tyre dust’ can travel for miles also we are not even aware of today, that’s why rail can play a large part of reduction in freight transport around oiur world now and should be considered as one of the mitigation tools in our fight against climate change and human/animal/environmental health.

      Here is another article;

      • Yes, Cleangreen, the accumulating impact of micro-pollutants, namely micro-plastics and dusts, is underestimated, and the public is not sufficiently aware of the substantial risks and dangers.

        The work of your advocacy centre is exceptional in this regard.

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