Media Advisory: My case against the NZ Police & their attempt to use secret trials and secret evidence


In reference to my case against the NZ Police and their breach of my civil rights and their attempt to hold the court case in a secret trial using secret evidence.

Details midday today.


  1. Excellent. Important for everybody. Shame if any ex-MP’s have hurt feelings. No- it’s not – never were the corridors of power dirtier than at that sordid time.

  2. Wooo well done Martyn. gotta keep the cops in line too. i remember literally pointing the finger at them for using police lights to go thru a red traffic lite then turning them off again.. So seeing me do that they u-turned pulled me over i said “i saw yiis”…

    • Hemi – The police can do that – if they’re on a callout and their progress is impeded, they’ll switch the lights
      on/off in interests of safety – that’s why we pull over and give way when we see/ hear police or ambulance
      lights/ sirens.

      One row of red light stoppings could literally make a life or death difference to someone at the other end. There’s reasons for most things.

      • They turned bak around and pulled me over… then just entertained me for about 10 mins. no life death situation here , just nonsense.

        • Hemi – Maybe they just didn’t like the look of you, or the way you point, or something. I give them a casual wave when they cruise past as I’m stealing stones down the south coast at dusk -they make me feel a bit safer.

          But people here hate the police so much, it might be simpler to dump them, and replace them by the army. The NZDF would like that, instead of the SAS having to wine and dine the USA trying to solicit action in other peoples’
          wars – keep the army here on their home turf.

          The army could be better at shooting people they don’t like the look of, and would clean up the gangs in no time, instead of police pussyfooting around having to do things legally. The army’s probably sitting around doing nothing much, and between you and me, if they decided to shoot the balls off pedophiles, or kneecap wife-beaters, I’d tend to close my eyes to that.

          It may come, sooner than we think , that the army could be out there on the streets if we have some unexpected climate catastrophe – so make the cops some paua fritters or Chatham Island crayfish to show them you know they’re not too bad compared to the future which may lie ahead.

          (Muffins might do.)

  3. Wonderful Martyn;
    You deserve much more for your determination to expose the flawed system we all suffer under.

    Never give up we all need you there.

    Take a bow.

  4. Pip, you missed Hemis point ,,,, or are ignoring it .

    The fact the police took offense to his ‘pointing’ out their bogus use of emergency sirens / lights ,,,, was proved by their stopping to harass him.

    What kind of emergency was so unimportant they could do a u-turn and stop from attending it ???. None ,,, they were taking the piss and abusing their powers ,,,, they were breaking the law and thinking they were above the law. End of story.

    Martyns court case involves a more serious example of the same mindset and actions ,,,, thinking they are above the law and abusing their powers.

    Its not just a New Zealand problem ,,,, with the 5 eyes club having all jumped to the right ,,,, jumping like 5 Kangaroos.

    Kangaroo courts where the Judges have Brazilian concepts of ‘justice’ ,,,

    Kangaroo Canada …..

    Kangaroo England …….

    Aussie Kangaroos ,,,,,,

    “protesters were not deterred by Queensland Government moves to toughen penalties, and suggestions by federal minister Peter Dutton to mandate jail and cut welfare for people who disrupt traffic.”

    Usa killer clown Kangaroos,dpr_auto,q_90,w_720/fl_lossy,pg_1/Donald-Trump-Finger_2_e6hfcs.jpg

    The boxing Kangaroos are winning the battle with their Brazilian fighting styles ,,,, Four in the pouch.

    ,,,,, So hopefully Martyn has won his fight here in NZ ,,,,

    There is a lot at stake ,,,,,,

    • Reason – No, I’m not missing Hemi’s point, but in the scheme of things, his complaint is nowhere as serious as Bradbury’s. If the cops stopped to speak with Hemi who had made a threatening gesture towards them, then they would have thought that they had some reason to follow up on that gesture.

      What happened to Martyn Bradbury was serious, compromising him with his bank, giving his bank and maybe others, to understand that he’d done something bad, without his knowledge, and majorly stressing him, and possibly threatening his financial security.

      The question with Bradbury, is why was this done to him ? Who pointed the police in Bradbury’s direction ?
      From what I remember, the police were looking for Rawshark, and presumably thought Bradbury was connected to Rawshark.

      Who was Rawshark ? Rawshark was the person who passed to Nicky Hager the emails of Cameron Slater’s and perhaps others, which documented the dirty politics emanating from PM Key’s office.

      This wasn’t just one or two bits of unpleasant behaviour, but systemic corrupt behaviour impacting upon ordinary people going about their work – including suggestion of Hager being bumped off by vengeful Chinese, and discussing the providing of Hager’s physical address to enable this. At least one undeserving public servant was (from memory) identified and seemingly demonised. The lynch-pin in all this seemed to be Whaleoil with whom Key had regular contact, and nor was Key the only Nat in regular contact with Slater, who seemed to have powerful contacts.

      It is possible – but I think unlikely – that a police officer just woke up one morning and wondered if a bloke called Martyn Bradbury was Rawshark, or was connected to Rawshark. It is the processes after this which clearly caused major stress for Bradbury, but what or who initiated those processes, seems to be important.

      I know that there are some govt depts which – unnecessarily – go into a minor panic when asked to provide ministerial responses, and the police may be the same, I don’t know. However, when John Key reported the Teapot Tape incident to the police, at least two news organisations were subject to police visits or searches; I’m not criticising the police here, because they were acting on a complaint from the PM, but I thought it over-kill, when the likelihood of Key and Banks discussing serious matters with journalists watching them from nearby was not, I suggest, very high, but if the police had the PM on their backs then they had to dot every ‘i’ and cross every ‘t’. I did think that that was Key using the police to throw his weight around – and that it was a metaphorical storm in a teacup and a waste of police resources.

      The other issue not mentioned, is that Nicky Hager did not publish all the information provided to him by Rawshark. I think he stated that, from common decency, he withheld matters of a personal nature, and nobody knows what other information Hager might have had, and withheld, but if I were a miscreant involved in the irregular goings on at that time, then I’d not be wanting them known, let alone published, and I’d be hoping that they weren’t going to emerge in future.

      Bradbury has now established – I think – that his complaint hearing should not be subject to secrecy, and hopefully what will be shown is eggs on faces, rather than anything more sinister. Everyone who has read “Dirty Politics” knows that there was mind-mindbogglingly bad behaviour going on – not all of which has been properly addressed.

      • Thanks for your take on Martyns legal action Pip ,,, and expanding on my point it was a more serious abuse of police powers than what Hemi first witnessed and then experienced.

        However I do not understand why you recommend to Hemi, that when he sees the police breaking or acting above the law ,,,, he should give them a muffin ??.

        And who?, apart from you ,,,, is describing Hemi as acting / pointing in a threatening manner towards the police.

        I read the story as Hemi pointing at them as in “i saw yiis” ,,,, Hemi saw them breaking the law ,,,

        Perhaps you are saying a Maori acknowledging witnessing lawbreaking by police is in itself a threat?? ,,,,, such a threat that it stops them from attending the non-existent emergency they used to ignore our traffic laws and run a red light ,,,, I mean its not like Police have ever harmed or killed people by breaking our traffic laws ,,,

        The ‘I’m above the law’ lawbreaking that Hemi witnessed ,,, is a step along the road ,,, or a early growth stage ,,,, for producing the type of police who go on to commit the abuse that Nicky Hager, Martyn Bradbury & others have experienced.

        Don’t feed Kangaroo cops muffins ,,,, point the buggers out….. I’m fairly confident Martyn would agree with this sentiment.

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