Julian Assange is the “canary in the coalmine”


Without Free speech there is no “press” and without the press there can be no meaningful democracy. Why is it that it is left to the Spanish to investigate the violations of Julian’s legal rights – in Britain?!

These abuses include:
Surveillance (in a foreign embassy – which is a abuse of civil rights – and international law / legal privilege).
Theft of evidentiary material (vital to Julian’s legal defence).
Procedural “irregularities” (including, but not limited to…)
Solitary confinement – the length of which constitutes “cruel and unusual punishment…” (more than 15 days in solitary confinement is defined as “torture” – United Nations)

Julian Assange is the target of a calculated, and protracted campaign of injustices designed to torture him mentally and physically intended to render him, and those that might be tempted to emulate him, into renouncing his evidence of war crimes, and to condemn him to a life of “silent” incarceration – and possibly death in solitary confinement.

You shall know a tree by it’s fruit -and the people who are behind these nefarious, clandestine – and illegal activities are – for want of a better word -evil!

If we as a free people allow our journalists to be bullied, jailed -and tortured – what do we have to look forward to in the not too distant future? Will our epitaph be “First they came for the journalists, and I did not speak – because I was not a journalist!?

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We implore the New Zealand media to do everything that they can to bring the light of day
back to this story – as it is a matter of life and death – not only for Julian Assange but for the free and democratic people of the world.

We are not interested in publicity – for it’s own sake -or for our own – we’re simply trying to save a brave an important man from further suffering -and to prevent future malicious misuses of power.

This Press Release is issued by spokespersons for the following groups:

#FreeAssangeNZ (700+) #Candles4Assange (750+) #OperationFreeAssange (1.4k+) #Unity4J (7.7k+)


  1. Could we have a follow up naming and shaming all those news outlets who received the press release, but refused to publish.

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