Dear NZ media – the Rugby World Cup is over, we would like our fourth estate back please


Dear NZ media – the Rugby World Cup is over and we would like our fourth estate back please.

Those who aren’t cultish about Rugby have been terribly good natured regarding your myopic coverage, your never ending coverage. Your desperate do anything for click bait coverage, but it’s over now.


We’d like you to now focus on the election, 2 referendums & the social issues that actually matter and are kinda the philosophical reason for your existence in a liberal progressive democracy.

Thoughts & Prayers to our newsrooms.

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  1. The fourth estate will be back and will slide resignedly back into its wagon wheel politics ruts. Normal transmission will resume as the break wasn’t long enough for any chance of a semblance of recognition to develop of the dire mire it has become.

  2. Aside from the boofheads we actually have a rugby league representative side called the Kiwis who have been playing international tests not that you would know that as it is completely missing from the MSM news but not rugby off course.
    All the people i have talked too are furious that the Kiwis were playing but didn’t know the games were even on.
    I am glad the boofheads lost and i watched them get thrashed hoping the Britz would win and they did.
    That is how much i detest the All Blacks and the whole rugby brainwashing set up.
    It ralligates all other sports and serious news coverage too the back of the room and treats all the rest of the New Zealand public that don’t actually loose all control when the All Blacks run onto the field , or the coach decides too stand down or a loss prompts a royal commision of inquiry.
    The total blanket coverage of one sport and the infantile way it is discussed all over the media just shows how immature and insular this country actually is.

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