Disconnect between historical state abuse and the ongoing state abuse – why the ‘Politics of Kindness’ is meaningless



Abuse inquiry: Māori babies deemed ‘bad’ babies and adopted to white families, tribunal hears

Mothers of Māori babies were told their children were better off being adopted into white families than living with them, an inquiry into historical abuse has heard. 

Dr Alison Green on Wednesday gave evidence in Auckland at the Royal Commission of Inquiry into Abuse in Care.

It is the biggest inquiry ever into what happened to children, young people and vulnerable adults in state care between 1950 and 1999. 

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There seems to be no ability amongst our political punditry class or our Politicians to tie this abuse of the past by the State to the ongoing abuse by the State of the exact same people.

In the past it was white bigotry and a belief that ‘we know best’ that empowered this abuse, now it’s a neoliberal model aimed at reducing the overall cost that empowers this abuse.

Wellington Bureaucrats worship their new Big Data Fascism, Orac

The neoliberal welfare complex from MSD to WINZ to Oranga Tamariki utilises big data to justify reducing universal funded welfare to just the worst cases, this is cost reduction not welfare improvement!

This allows for mass surveillance powers over beneficiaries and introduces the digital welfare state…

‘Digital welfare state’: big tech allowed to target and surveil the poor, UN is warned

UN’s rapporteur on extreme poverty says in devastating account big tech companies are being allowed to go unregulated in ‘human right free-zones’ and not held accountable

…to date, this Government seem more focused on protecting the public servants implementing this neoliberal welfare agenda rather than protecting the most weak and vulnerable in society.

If Labour had been serious about being transformative, they would have entered power with a clear plan of sacking most of the management appointees within welfare, the neoliberal acolytes who fervently believe the best tool for the poor is the stick. The fact Labour didn’t have the spine to do this means the most vulnerable will queue at 2am outside WINZ in the hope of having an advocate help them deal with the spiteful staff.

The disconnect between the maliciousness of the past and the sanctimonious self righteousness of today when defining welfare highlights how shallow todays political pundit class really are.

PEOPLE: What do we want?
LABOUR: Incremental change!
PEOPLE: When do we want it?
LABOUR: Glacially!


  1. Eye roll please…
    We’re all being conned.
    What we have today, right? Is a desperate plaster job being done by # A crooks and #B politicians who are crooked or are good people-politicians who’re beginning to grimly realise they’ve been conned by crooks.
    Our AO/NZ was, and is, awash with money.
    Ours is a vital-resource-rich country, with an enviable export revenue stream and 25 K sq. km bigger than UK but with only 4.7 million people. Speaks for itself doesn’t it?
    Yes. It does. And is increasingly speaking far too loud for its own good.
    The reason why todays politicians are dragging the chain to release the oceans of money we have at our disposal is because to do so would expose the anomaly that is those many years we were told we were a struggling nation weighed down by our remoteness, our greedy Hoi polloi and our bad luck.
    So, sorry. No money for those most at risk.
    That. Is a lie.
    Now? We need to get over that and go and get our dues.
    I drive through hundreds of thousands of sq. km of all but empty lush, green fields down this way and I know there’re vast global markets out there for every kind of vegetable and fruit imaginable but also dairy, meats and wines. There’s our wool, our venison, our timbers, our fishes and our awesome and brilliant-minded young people and yet we have homelessness and poverty and everyone’s jammed into a silly little narcissistic city where they claw at each other to get the ever better, ever bigger Black Shiny Curb Crawler Cock Extender 2000 with the mysterious chrome bar in the back and bullet proof plastic mudguards.
    I’ve seen classier cock fights on Lombok.
    What does that tell you? Re the above? Am I right?
    Am I right! ! !? Answer me! ?
    If you think I’m wrong? Lets argue that out.
    You’re BEING conned. You’ve BEEN conned. Please. I’m begging you? Please swing your thinking 180 degrees.
    National and labour are one and the same.
    The power elite who exist above our politics exert terrible power and influence over us via the national/labour robo-clone and they make themselves billionaires while we struggle, suffer and suicide.
    This, by George Monbiot.
    The Guardian.

  2. This, is our generation’s, nuclear, free, fizzer.
    Winston, please wipe the floor with MSD, National and their media in court this week. Show us there is some justice in this world, a glimmer of hope. Please.

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