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  1. What discrimination looks like – aka person who has the same ability as other’s but for gender/race/circumstances seems to be written off and not given the same opportunities.

    She climbed Everest nine times and set a world record – so why doesn’t she have sponsors?

    (Against the woke discrimination definition which seems to be people with few abilities or negative ones (aka criminals, exploiters, cheats, fraudsters) should be given opportunities above others who have positive or better abilities based based on the woke fixation of gender/race/circumstances… ) Kinda, reverse discrimination.

  2. More pro whinning from RNZ for NZ to support other nationals parents.

    Someone from RNZ REALLY wants more aged parents coming to NZ for low income people but not exactly connecting the dots about the side effects and how that low income people being bought into NZ by migrants are actually being exploited, so I guess the free benefits for aged parents can come in very handy as a way to continue the exploitation of visas on top of the fake information for visas in breach of NZ laws!!!

    Pity RNZ news about migrants exploiting NZ’s loose visa rules and pathetically fake work visas don’t get the same daily coverage which might actually help stop migrant exploitation!!!

    Sikh temple to cough up $100k for breaching employment laws

    • Shit @ SaveNZ, took you a while to pick up on the Sikh temple rort!

      (Btw – it’s not the only one, but then there are similar things going on in places of worship for other religions and have been for quite a while, and it surprises me that it’s taken this long for ‘officials’ to pick up on it all). I always wondered how the Catholics and Anglicans got away with throwing a few pennies at some of my rellies and friends muthas for keeping their places of worship in order.

      Your petticoat does begin to show sometimes.

      Do you seriously think there is “someone” at RNZ who has an agenda to see aged parents coming in to take up precious spaces in an already serious housing shortage?.

      Can you please connect some of those dots for me – I might be a little bit too fick.

      That tacking on of the rnz link at then end of your comment says a wee bit about where you’re coming from.
      You’ll excuse me if I think that where you’re really coming from at times is that you don’t like ‘curry munchers’ coming in and taking all our jobs, with marriages that aren’t really marriages, and then trying to bring the whole village with them.

      Statistically, all that’s the very least of NuZull’s worries, and on the basis of those statistics, the real problem is best described by the guy that said NZ’s immigration policy is both “racist and Eurocentric”

      You could probably get a good earn by applying for a job somewhere in the Ministry of Everything. It wouldn’t take long to climb the ranks

      (Apologies if I’ve read you wrong, but I’m not sure I have – it all seems to have become a bit of an obsession with you)

  3. Woke seem selective on suicide targets…

    A recent Ministry of Health report presented to MPs showed suicide was up 20 percent in rural areas compared to a drop of 10 percent in cities and towns.

  4. RNZ might find this illuminating in their pro aged migrant rants.

    The amount of senior Asian NZer’s is expected to be more than the number of aged Maori and Pacific Islander’s combined within a decade!

    “The number of Māori aged 65+ will more than double (from 48,500 to 109,400) between 2018 and 2034, as will the senior Pacific population (from 21,300 to 46,700), while the number of senior Asian New Zealanders will almost triple (from 59,500 to 171,900).”

    What idiot policy increases aged migration to a country that is aging and can’t afford it unless the lower services like health care, pensions etc!

  5. So now that the arrest of Julian Assange for crimes central to the ability of a person to be a journalist has been successful with barely a murmur from other media we see the expansion of this policy to other dissident journalists. Max Blumenthal has now been arrested in DC.

  6. Here is an interesting question:
    If there was an attempted armed coup in NZ right now, do you think the police and the army would back the government, or side with the rebels?
    A fatuous question you might say, considering our relatively peaceful democratic status and high rating for personal and press freedom.
    I have heard persistent rumours over the last two years that if National does not win the next elections, by fair or foul, they will attempt a coup to recover power, illegally
    They have even given thought to doing one before the election.
    When I first heard that, I dismissed it as sheer fantasy.
    But, before you howl with derisive laughter look at a few points.
    We have a nominally centre-left government with a rather large right National Party opposition that is still (after two years) embittered by its rejection by NZ First.
    National’s biggest allies (farmers) have…shock…..horror…..been seduced into backing the government’s very watered-down climate change action and water usage policies. National has (and still is) tiptoeing around the rural parts of the country trying desperately to get some sort of farmers’ revolt going, and has so far failed.
    There is a wedge developing between an increasing amount of farmers who want to move forward and the political aspirations of the National Party that want to hold them back – National is hurting badly on that one.
    There is a leadership crisis within National. Simon Bridges better expose his back least he get a knife in it from the Collins rabid right faction.
    National are doing their stock reaction whenever they are wounded – attacking beneficiaries.
    National is right now a wounded animal, and wounded animals are dangerous.
    National has shown in the past a disregard for political rights for people deemed as “lefties” and its allies here are the police who even in this Labour government spend more time spying on environmental activists and journalists than they do on criminals.
    The public services are full of National Party hacks who lie awake at night thinking about how they can help bring down this government. They have figured out the best way is to be bloody useless or obstructive, which is why every public service – health, IRD, police, WINZ etc. is in such a shambles. The government can put in billions of dollars more into everything, but the National hacks in the public service will make sure it comes to very little.
    Before you declare that National will uphold democracy until its dying day remember how the last National government took corruption and political espionage to a new modern level – “business as usual” was Steven Joyce’s description. National will do just about anything to get power – and to keep it.
    So what if National decided enough was enough and the way to get power was with force, do you think our public service, police and armed forces would defend our democratically elected government?
    I’m not sure that they would.
    (I used some of the material in an article from the Times for this piece which discusses the likelihood of an army soup in Britain should Labour win the next election)

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