Breakfast TVNZ review: Paula spreads her weaponised welfare spite


How dare Paula Bennett be allowed on TVNZ Breakfast and pretend this bash the bennie shit is anything other than raw meat spite for her feral ruddy necked banjo twanging voter base – it’s demonisation of the poorest for the worst political desires.

Look, no one ‘likes’ gangs but draconian crack downs on a community of people already poised on an eruption of gang violence between domestics & 501s seems like the worst idea. There are reasons Gangs are growing now, so deal with those causes rather than exacerbate the symptoms.

I’ve detailed the 3 moments that helped build the organised crime issue here,  but  now the cops are pushing for more powers, let’s focus on the solutions a progressive Government needs to look at implementing to combat organised crime without inching us closer to a Police State.

1 – Demand a review of intelligence values, are the Police actually pursuing active crack downs on the Australian gangs or are they just observing? The Killer Bees were taken out as a force because all the old gangs narked on them and gave the Police the ability to completely take out the leadership. Police need to think seriously about cutting the same deal with the domestic gangs against the Australian ones, because it is the Australian ones generating the violence.

2 – Meth rehabilitation services must get an enormous boost in resourcing for any chance to cope with the wave of addiction that is coming.

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3 – LEGALISE CANNABIS YOU MORONS: Allow the domestic gangs to legally produce cannabis so that their revenue stream is through a legal means rather than the meth, which is happening because of competition with the Australian gangs.

4 – Offer those who have debts with the gangs for drugs amnesty if they come to the Police  and complain about stand over tactics for those debts and wipe the debts in return for testimony.

5 – The Police already changed the evidential threshold for the proceeds of crimes act from beyond reasonable doubt to balance of probabilities so their demands to go after those that wash the cash is disingenuous in the extreme because they already have enormous powers in that regard – if Police want to catch the laundering element of organised crime, go to the biggest laundromat in the country – Sky City Casino! Far better surveillance of the Casinos around NZ will harvest greater intelligence of who is doing what. Allowing the Police the ability to spy on accountants and lawyers can easily be abused and the Police haven’t proven they can be trusted with those sorts of powers.

No one wants to see organised crime thrive, but we are at this place because of a unique invasion of NZ by Australian criminals who are far more violent than the domestic variants, this requires a real strategic thinking that the NZ Police are not well known for. Stuart Nash urgently needs to sit down with Police Intelligence and Police bosses to thrash out an urgent response because if the simmering gang war between the domestic gangs and the Australian faction erupts onto the streets, the electorate will turn to National for a war on crime.

The issues are complex and National’s desire to just punish won’t solve a damned thing, it will probably make things far worse!

Nu Zilinders love to bash the dirty filthy bennie the way American’s love handguns – it’s the same spectrum of petty spiteful insecurities falsely projected as righteousness.

We are adults and should be focused on social policy that actually fixes things, not create counterproductive outcomes that play to our worst angers.


  1. Cutting benefits for gang members will only incentivise them to extort, rob and steal more, and to deal more with illegal drugs, so they get the money they want and feel they need. National’s drive would actually increase CRIME, not reduce it.

  2. Urging Stuart Nash to do anything that requires more than a knee jerk response is a waste of time. The man is just a throttled back version of Simon Bridges. He will sit on his hands and do nothing to appease the right winge element of his Napier electorate support base while the police grasp on to every opportunity to increase their power over the communities they are supposed to serve. The most courageous thing he’s ever done is get confrontational with another parliamentary gym member in a fit of ” ‘roid rage”.

  3. “We are adults and should be focused on social policy that actually fixes things.” Well I’m guess this is saying that Bennett isn’t an adult then, because when Hurimoana Dennis, kaumatua at Te Puea Marae, had the courtesy to actually show Bennett how Te Puea’s social policy was successfully addressing homelessness issues, she didn’t seem to be saying, “Well done, bro,” but instead her office tried to dirty his name to the MSM. And this to a fellow Maori doing a really good job.

    The leader of the opposition and his TIC are both Maori, not Martians, and as such they should be in a better position than many, to reach out and try to establish fruitful dialogue with gangs, especially with new arrivals from Australia finding themselves in a strange land. Muldoon did it. Why can’t they ? Or do the shabby pair see them as useful fodder to whack around at the govt ? Have either of them sat down and talked about what outcomes are needed, and how these can be best achieved, or is this just another one of the things that adults tell kids to do but don’t do themselves ? Is this the best that 30 advisors can come up with ? They may need another 30.

    There’s a good chance that the police themselves would welcome legalising marijuana freeing them to go after the bad stuff. The person who has commented here that the gangs have tentacles in the police, should tell the police what he knows. If he’s too scared, then he can pass it through to me and I’ll tell them.

    Bennett is a bit of an idiot bashing the poor all the time – people get sick of it, and it’s totally non-constructive. If she thinks that the electorate will react by running off and voting for her because she’s dealing to the baddies, then she should think again, because there are even fairly dumb persons who are smarter than her. She’s fast turning into the sort of person one crosses the road when one sees her coming.

    • Not all Maori are the same Applewood some are plastic by this I mean they are Maori when it suits them, they are like a light switch. Pull the benefit and soimon fall into this category. I see soimon managed to squeeze out a Maori greeting on RNZ this is a light switch mentality he must have read blog sites and the election is near and his mate jhonkey has already put the boot into him bringing in his chosen one.

      • Michelle – I’ve been told that when Bennett, Tolley and co were behaving so childishly about Winston Peter’s NZ Super payment, that they probably knew that it was just another WINZ cock-up, but couldn’t resist using it to cause strife for Peters. That’s what the real issue was – hitting on Peters.

        It was silly; worse, are the time, money and resources spent on it, paid for by us. It’s a shame if Bennett gives Maori a bad name by again seemingly kicking at another successful Maori man, but I’ve always thought her more tarty than Maori – the wahine of my generation are, and were, exceptionally good and kind ladies, but I can’t imagine Bennett wanting to be thought of in that way !

  4. The worst ” gang ” in this country is the elected one that sits in parliament and Bennett is a member of it.

  5. Paula’s job is to garner votes – that’s it. Therefore she can and will say anything that the strategists have identified as vote getting.

    • e-clectic – If you’re suggesting that Paula is behaving in an unpalatable way because the Nats’ strategists advise her to, then may I respectfully suggest that even without those two dozen odd scarfies telling her what to do, Paula would still be exactly the same person, because Paula acts in accordance with her own nature.

      Scorpios on hippopotamuses – not acquired skills. The Greens might have a shorter word.

  6. This bashing of the poor will have a serious backlash against National at the next election.
    Now whilst the wealthy will probably support National and its evil and draconian policies it is rather fortunate there are much lesser rich people than poor people in deliberately kept low income NZ.
    But here is something. Has Bridges and his fellow Village Idiots in the NZ National Party all of a sudden forgotten that NZ is a deliberately kept low income country? Does that now show how out of touch with reality Bridges and co truly are???!!!!
    It’s easy for wealthy politicians in the NZ National Party to focus hatred and divisive attacks on the poor. The poor are faceless and nameless. What happens in Poor-land New Zealand is not the NZ National Party’s MPs concern.
    Just wait till closer to the election and we will see Simon Bridges shaking hands with the very people he intends to carry out harsh policies on i.e the poor NZers in lower socio-economc areas of New Zealand.
    We have all seen when it comes to say politicians like the National Party lot in that they will court the people they hate i.e the poor; because all they(National)are concerned with is votes and money(for themselves of course). Once the votes have been counted and confirmed they(National)will quickly forget those they courted and will henceforth conduct a hate campaign upon.

    • The problem with ‘the poor’ is that the majority of them are so stressed, worn out and beaten down by life that the notion of getting out to vote for a pack of pompous arseholes who only seem to give a shit (or pretend to give a shit in National’s case) when there’s an imminent election, is akin to swallowing a spoonful of warm urine. It’s a distasteful exercise that seems largely pointless and appears to make little difference. Essentially, they get to choose between a condescending pat on the head and some mumbled platitudes from the Red Team, or a steel-cap to the groin and a faceful of phlegm from the Blue Team. It’s business as usual on Struggle Street, or desperately hoping National don’t burn down your State House and claim you were running a meth lab. People on the bottom-rung of the ladder aren’t just disengaged, they’ve walked off the fucking job.

      I firmly believe Jacinda has nothing but the very best of intentions. But turning this ship around is going to take a lot more than smiles, heart-warming expressions of profound concern and having a laugh with Stephen Colbert — all while National conduct smear campaigns, perpetuate misinformation and hurl rocks from the Opposition benches. Those bastards have deep pockets and an all-consuming compulsion to do ‘whatever it takes’ to regain power. This coming election campaign is going to be filthy. It’s time for Labour to put their big boy pants on.

      • Very well said and completely agree with you.

        I was thinking yesterday that National depend upon apathetic New Zealanders to get votes. National want more Aroha Ireland’s to court for photo opportunities etc.

        Labour have been too pleasant and need to toughen up. Yes they are a damn sight better than National can ever be. National behave with American style publicity which hopefully will result in lesser votes at the next election than what their publicity team had hoped for.

        With the way National behave I wouldn’t vote for them even if they were the only political party on Toilet Free Planet Key.

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