SkyCity Workers Strike


Skycity workers have been striking to bring back time and a half weekend and night rates for over two months now, not just for themselves but for all workers in New Zealand. But now they see that the company has put its profits before the health and safety of its workers, in a terrible evacuation that left many workers inhaling toxic smoke for up to four hours on the day of the fire, and then many more forced to breath smoky air in confined spaces after being ordered back to work on Thursday.

The Skycity workers call on all of Auckland to rally in solidarity with them this Friday 7pm at the base of the Skytower to then reclaim Federal Street from the company.

Federal Street is our street.

We call on the Climate movement to support our demand for free and frequent public transport, to help stop the pollution of our city, at the site of Auckland’s worst fire in decades.

The car park is now overcrowded and workers who still havew a car spend over an hour trying to get out. Hundreds of workers are left without proper transport options now their cars have been destroyed- and public transport is a joke at night time for 24/7 workers.

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We need hundreds of new buses in Auckland NOW as part of the Climate emergency.

We call on the migrant workers movement and the anti racist movement to stand with our Chinese, Filipino, Pasifika, Maori and many other migrant workers who are striking against bullying and exploitation.

We call on the solidarity of Auckland’s union movement to support our fight to bring back weekend and night rates, not just for ourselves, but for all the workers of Aotearoa. The union movement should also stand with the workers of the Convention Centre and those who work for Fletchers, to say that not one job should be lost before Christmas whilst these companies of the 1% have hundreds of millions of dollars.

On the day of the fire, Skycity’s CEO Graham Stevens did not wear a mask. To protest the lack of health and safety leadership from this man, please wear your own mask to the Ball. A Halloween mask. A V for Vendetta Mask. A Joker mask. A WW2 gas mask. A proper respirator mask. There should be enough masks in every workplace in Auckland to protect workers in the event of fire.

There was not in Skycity.

Join us at the Halloween Masked Ball at the bottom of the Sky Tower in front of Skycity this Friday 7pm to say People Before Profits- System Change not Climate Change- Stop the racist exploitation of migrant workers- Bring Back the Weekend- Time for time and a half for all workers in New Zealand!


  1. Good on all of you! I hope you make head roads but whats really needed is an end for neo liberal globalist government and that means new parties. Maybe a workers party for NZ. I’d happily vote for you.

  2. Sky City management said it had done tests on air quality and according to them it was safe for the Sky City employees to return to work, yet in the same breath it warned pregnant employees and those with asthma to stay away. Go figure.

    The arrogance of the Sky City frat boy type management where the dollar rules supreme over the rights of its employees including the most vulnerable is breath-taking in the extreme, but sadly not surprising. I support the Sky City employees because they have suffered enough under the bullying regime of the management – even before the fire.

    • Exactly. If it wasn’t safe for pregnant and asthmatic employees to return to Sky City then surely it wasn’t safe for all the other non-pregnant and non-asthmatic employees to return either. The so-called expert that Sky City got in to undertake the air quality tests and Sky City itself must have been kidding themselves if they thought that their employees and the employees union could not see through the ruse – the ruse to get the operation up and running again so that the mighty dollar could start jingling through the pokies again.

      On another note, I saw the CEO of Sky City appear on television alongside the CEO of Fletchers during the fire trying to project a united friendly front, probably to try and downplay the seriousness of the situation and to assure us that they have our interests (and safety) at heart. What nonsense. I have no doubt that each of them will be sharpening their knives to use against the other and probably engaged their respective lawyers to go the other the day the fire started.

  3. … ” Bring Back the Weekend- Time for time and a half for all workers in New Zealand! ”….


    Yes, pay up chiselers , – you expound the virtues of neo liberal user pays?

    You’re using peoples labour and underpaying them, chiselers !

    You sure can talk the talk , – but can you walk the walk?

    Or are you really just the miserable cheapskates you always were,… just users.

  4. TVNZ staff and news presenters have until at least yesterday not been working in their usual studios, nearby Sky City and the burnt out Convention Centre. So how do they act so carefully, yet Sky City expect their staff to work almost uninterrupted during and right after the huge fire?

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