New Zealand to kick off International Day of Action to Boycott Puma


New Zealand will kick off the International Day of Action to Boycott Puma – Saturday 26th October.

The position of the international date line means we will be leading the worldwide action against this major sports apparel company.

Puma sponsors the Israel Football Association which includes soccer clubs operating in illegal Israeli settlements on Palestinian land while at the same time Israel harasses Palestinian soccer teams and over the years has murdered and maimed many Palestinian sportspeople.

For example last month the Israeli government banned Palestinian soccer players from travelling from Gaza to the West Bank for the final of the FIFA Palestine Cup.

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Puma sponsorship of the IFA helps to normalise the brutal military occupation of Palestinian land and denial of Palestinian human rights.


New Zealand Silver Ferns have been asked to ditch sponsorship by Puma

Alongside the nationwide protests the Palestine Solidarity Network Aotearoa has requested the New Zealand Silver Ferns ditch their PUMA sponsorship.

It’s an awful look to see the Silver Ferns wearing the PUMA symbol on their uniforms while the company helps to promote acceptance of the oppression of Palestinians.

Earlier this week we wrote to Netball New Zealand Chief Executive Jennie Wylie but at the time of writing this release we have not had any response.



  1. Powerful photos.
    So very many Gazans have been maimed..deliberately shot in the lower legs by skilled snipers using illegal ‘dum-dum’ bullets. This has been happening every Friday for well over 18 months. The West including NZ is complicit by remaining silent. Our Government should publicly condemn Israel for these actions . Also our Government should demand that Gazan hospitals be given resources to help doctors and nurses trying to cope with the terrible situation facing them.

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