Amnesty International urges caution on Terrorism Bill


Amnesty International continues to urge caution on Terrorism Suppression Bill to ensure human rights are protected

In response to the Green Party announcing it will support the Terrorism Suppression (Control Orders) Bill to its first reading following changes made over the past week to better ensure the Bill doesn’t impinge on New Zealand’s human rights obligations, Amnesty International continues to urge caution.

Executive Director Meg de Ronde says balancing human rights in any law is a crucial task and there must be time to fully examine the Bill’s control order powers for any unintended consequences.

“A Bill that has potential implications for restricting people’s freedoms needs robust discussions from a diverse range of people and organisations. For the select committee process to be fully democratic, there must be plenty of time and opportunity allowed for civil society to engage so people’s rights are protected. This law cannot be rushed through.”

“Amnesty International will also be investigating further how overseas convictions and information will be considered in New Zealand law under this Bill.”

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