Cops killing fleeing civilians is Kiwi as bro!


There are three things that make you a Nu Zilinder.


2: Believe in your bones that you shouldn’t allow hungry children to be fed at school by the state because it lets those dirty filthy beneficiary parents off the hook!

3: It’s NEVER the Police fault when they chase people to death. NEVER!

As TDB has been pointing out since this debate begun, police chase policy is utterly flawed and exacerbates the loss of life in a way we would NEVER tolerate in any other social service.

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We’ve pointed out many times that the brains of young people are not fully formed and so always underestimate the risk and the Police policy simply compounds that biological realty, it doesn’t effectively counter it.

We’ve also noted that Police poor training at chase driving combined with the red mist many officers fall into as they get the adrenalin rush from a chase makes the current policy a joke with many instances in coroners reports of chasing Cops simply not listening to the command to desist a chase and clearly doctored testimony that is proven false by the tyre tracks of chases.

When Police declare they stopped the chase seconds before the chase ends in an accident, they are almost always lying through their teeth.

So it’s good to see a report reminding everyone that the flight mechanism in under developed brains is a big starting point for considering how we are going to stop so many dead citizens from police chases…

Lack of brain development, poor attitude: Why drivers flee police

When sirens wail, some drivers weigh up two options: stop and comply, or flee. The latter was chosen by 3796 drivers in 2017.

…of course this is problematic for the Government, any suggestion that social policy is being based on science and not retribution will be met by the sleepy hobbits of Muddle Nu Zilind with vehemence, so sugar coat a change in policy by promising to beat the shit out of the fleeing teenagers before a compulsory 6 month boot camp thing, that’ll keep the sleepy hobbits smiling.

Meanwhile, members of the public keep dying because of a flawed social policy no one has the political courage to rescind.

Now that’s what New Zealand is all about.


    The cause is: IPCA

    I’ve lost count of how many people police have shot dead since 2007 when Craig Bellingham was shot by police in Christchurch where he was attacking cars with a hammer.

    But I have kept count of how many prosecutions police have filed against their own members where death has followed a shooting by police. NONE. (In fact 34 dead since 1970 and NO police before a Court)

    The problem I have with this parody of justice is that review of police killings is conducted by a so-called independent agency; the IPCA.

    The IPCA should not be permitted to be the final arbiter of culpability of police. I contend that the ICPA has usurped the role of our courts. How senior members of your esteemed Judiciary, appear to sit idly by and let this happens, baffles.

    Let’s take a couple of examples:

    Take the Bellingham case. The fellow was beating the snot out of parked cars. The cop who shot him said that he feared for his life.

    The law is very clear when police may kill a human being. They must fear, on reasonable grounds, death or grievous bodily injury to themselves or a third person and that the death or grievous injury cannot otherwise be avoided than by killing the offender.

    In my view, the cop who shot Bellingham should have backed off. The circumstances were such that he could have “otherwise prevented” the killing. What the hell if a few cars were smashed! But to step up and shoot a man dead in the circumstance as reported?

    The culpability or otherwise of the cop, should have been put before a court. That’s why we have courts. The decision on the cop’s culpability should not have stopped with the IPCA. This is where the role of the “Man on the Clapham bus” assessing what is reasonable via an objective test, should be vested in a Jury.

    Let’s take a comparison with non-police killings. A bloke mistakes his mate for a deer and shoots him. Tragic. Never intended to kill his mate. But the death is prima facie, negligence on the part of the shooter and on a good day, that is a conviction for manslaughter. Every time however, the culpability is decided in a court of law.

    Take the Tongan courier diver who police shot by mistake on Auckland’s north western motorway in 2009.

    The fact that the police actually missed the “offender” and hit an innocent person introduces the question of whether or not they were reckless or negligent in their use of firearms. There is no question of the police deliberately hitting the wrong person – that would be an absurd assumption. But negligent and/or reckless use of a firearm is axiomatic in this case and these elements form the basis of manslaughter.

    The fact that an innocent bystander was shot must raise concern that the shooter failed to identify the target or was a poor shot. The “miss” factor must also be a concern if juxtaposed against the police in another Christchurch situation, when 13 shots fired at a dog, all missed! Alarm bells should be sounding somewhere.

    Back to the Courier driver. Unbelievably this matter stopped with the IPCA. But who are the IPCA? As I understand, today a fair number of ex cops make up the investigation unit of the IPCA. Whoever they are, they are NOT A COURT.

    Finally, let’s look at the bloke shot near Puhoi north of Auckland in 2018.

    A young male is pursued by police across the city. Fast cars. Sirens. Adrenalin. Cops jump out of their vehicle and bang x six shot fired. One hits the “offender” in the back!

    This suggests the offender was moving away from the police and not putting them in a position where they feared on reasonable grounds death or GBH.

    This matter and others referred to above and about a dozen others since Bellingham, have all avoided going before a properly constituted court of law where the truth of the matter might be exposed under cross examination of witnesses on oath, by defense counsel.

    Instead, the matter lies fallow in the bowels of the IPCA. In years to come when the dust has settled and the public (but not the family and friends of the deceased) have lost interest; a report will be released. Usual platitudes and whitewash. But no proper court scrutiny. No penalty for doing wrong.

    Successive governments condone this as, Justice. Which just goes to confirm the opinion I formed about many peers when I was a member of Parliament. Too many are too stupid to or lack the courage to think for themselves and merely follow the bullshit emanating from the bureaucrats from the various Ministries.

    In this country we have this thing we call, DEMOCRACY. Fundamental to the integrity of democracy, is the SEPARATION OF POWERS.

    Parliament makes the laws. Government agencies implement the laws. Courts decide whether the laws are properly applied.

    The police are a government agency. The IPCA is a government agency. Spot the defect?

  2. Wasting your time going to the IPCA.

    I went to the SIS and they referred me to the IPCA, didn’t even bother taking it any further, you are asking for trouble, and that is a fact.

  3. IPCA is a “stool pigeon” mickey mouse organisation built to give the police a free pass.

    Just as the (OIO) Overseas Investment Office is to ‘foreign investors’, who are buying up NZ just as easily today as in the past under John Key.

  4. From here in Christcurch R.I.P Kenneth McCaul who was killed needlessly as a result of the police chase on Tuesday morning.

    This is manslaughter and no one is ever held too account in New Zealand for deaths as a result of negligence.

    We don’t value life , we never have.

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