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  1. From the always excellent Jonathon Cook. Nancy Pelosi and crocodile tears over Trump having no plan to deal with isis going forward in Syria. Question: what were the conditions that created ISIS and who wss in charge? Answer: the Democrats were in charge of creating failed states and arming and religious fanatics. Best remedy? Withdraw US troops and cease arming fanatics.

  2. Another criminal goes unpunished

    Much has been made lately of the latest crime initiatives which seek to improve our judicial system and outcomes for citizens, for example being more lenient on meth dealers. But something in New Zealand criminal court sentencing just doesn’t make sense.
    The latest beneficiary of judicial good will (Nightingale, 2019) is an unnamed ANZ bank employee who defrauded his employee out of $190k and was given 11 months home detention. Now I’m no lawyer and I don’t know the background to the case nor the correct tariff which should be applied here, but I get the feeling if this fraudster with name suppression was one of the bros he would be packing his bags for a stint inside (it’s just a statistical fact). As a comparison here are some recent sentences of theft by cuzzie:

    Ngatata Love, $1,500,000 theft, sentence 2 years 6 months jail

    Wallace Te Ahuru, $1,200,000, 3 years 8 months jail

    Stephen Henare, $1,000,000, 5 years 2 months jail

    Shaun Keenan, $480,000, 3 years 8 months jail

    Toddy Shepherd, $111,000, 3 years jail

    Thomas Tawha, 39 trout, 12 months jail

    This last conviction is particularly disgusting and detached from reality. Extrapolating from the sentences sampled here, the big bankers, failed directors and white collar fraudsters who intentionally con big should get life (as in jailed for the rest of their huckster life).


    Nightingale, M. (2019). ANZ fraudster who stole $190,000 from bank sentenced to 11 months home detention. Retrieved from

  3. Julian Assange has been brought to a bad place.

    “Everybody in that court yesterday saw that one of the greatest journalists and most important dissidents of our times is being tortured to death by the state, before our eyes.”

  4. Pondering the British system of politics and education. Wondering why trained seal Brits put up with the ‘born to rule tory dickheads ’ like Boris Johnston, whose Eton school “education” costs his aristocratic parents nearly NZ $90,000 a year ( about £42,000 for board and schooling) whereas we in Aotearoa pay for our own ‘born to rulers” say at Christ’s College- only about $44,000 a year. Go Jacinda, Ken, Andrew and co.

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