Political Caption Competition


Another John Key idea up in smoke.


  1. Arden rushes to meet gambling ‘stakeholders’ and apply corporate welfare. Money launderers & Gamblers concerned at Sky City closures. The city bathed in toxic smoke…

  2. Don’t know why Bennett – or some other Nat blowhard – hasn’t just been down and blown this out. Too busy blowing people down I guess.

  3. The gift that keeps on giving.. sale of the public TVNZ building to Skycity, ‘relaxed’ gambling laws against the law which states- “A person must not increase opportunities for casino gambling”, reducing the size of the convention centre in the end and removing the cost benefits of it in the first place, pushing Fletchers into the red as the build goes into disaster zone…

    … it is only fitting that this white elephant continues to give socially disastrous outcomes such as half the city is unable to work in Auckland city now due to it’s toxic smoke.

    Now for the next white elephant, Atlantis underwater sports stadium?

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