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  1. Further collapse of the UK Russian conspiracy theory of the Skripal novichok poisoning. The death of Dawn Sturgess is being quietly swept under the carpet as it cant be made to fit the govt narrative. Funny how lies do that.

  2. In no other words we do not need to be concerned about the trust UK parliamentarians have in Boris Johnson. We ought to be concerned about the trust voters have in the UK parliament to get BREXIT done.

    • Clinton veterans play checkers while Trump plays chess. Trump dosnt even have to be good at chess to whoop checkers players at chess. What I mean by that is Clinton Veterans can not bring themselves to acknowledge that Clinton defrauded democratic voters out of there people’s choice (Bernie Sanders). Now Trump is defending Tusli Gabbard a democratic nominee no less, from fake news and smears that Tusli is a Russian agent, Assade Appologists, assange appologist, homophobic, transphobic, a war monger, ect, ect, ect. The woke are unbelievable.

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