Gun nuts have the audacity to claim to NZ First that THEY are victims in the Christchurch terrorist atrocity!


Gun nuts have the audacity to claim to NZ First that THEY are victims in the Christchurch terrorist atrocity!

They claimed to Winston outside the NZ First conference that they ‘feel’ like they are victims in the Christchurch atrocity because they’ve lost their sacred right to own machine guns.

I know, can you believe it?

I’ve never seen such vapid white male entitlement masquerading as legitimate grievance  outside of an Incel 8 chan chat room.

All I could think while looking at their screwed up ruddy angry faces was ‘Who hurt you’?

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COME ON! Such self victimisation is best suited for Massey University, not amongst the hunting and firearms community!

See what I did there? Slaps to the left, slaps to the right.

Dear pissed off gun nuts who are now all paranoid and rocking in the dark holding their guns whispering ‘my precious’, you are not the bloody victims of the Christchurch atrocity because the weapon of choice by that terrorist has now been banned.

Such a conflation of your sense of entitlement trying to trump genuine damage from an act of violent is beneath your mana.

Let me spell this out, we’ve all collectively decided that civilians don’t need machine guns, that means you have to hand back your machine guns. End of story, we aren’t going to budge on this, so sure let’s ensure the fine print is logical and reasonable and Police aren’t over stepping powers, but the machine guns go.

If you are reading this and wanting to chime in that these guns aren’t machine guns, if technical gun geek semantics is your defence, let’s just pop that in the backside right now.

If it looks like a machine gun.

Sounds like a machine gun.

And kills like a machine gun.

It’s a fucking machine gun.

Civilians don’t need to kill anything that fast.

I get it’s scary, you are all white males, we are totally used to getting our own way in almost every other dimension of our lives and when a weapon we invest so much of our sense of masculinity gets taken off us, it feels like a complex emotional cocktail of outraged tantrums mixed with fervent mass shooting justifications.

It’s tough, I get it.

But time to pop the big boy pants on and acknowledge that civilians won’t own machine guns and that law abiding gun owners need to step up and win back public confidence in them, after all the terrorist had 3 complaints made against him and no one at his gun club picked up on that.

Why did that happen and are the law abiding gun own community stepping up to the plate to combat extremism?

These are questions and endeavours we would like to see from our law abiding gun community, telling Winston Peters that 250 000 gun owns are also the victims from the Christchurch terror attack makes us feel you are all being a tad disingenuous.

I grew up on a farm, a home kill block was over the fence from my room, I fully acknowledge a gun is a tool and the vast majority of gun owners are extremely careful and good with fire arm safety. I would also always stand up for farmers and hunters to have the right to own guns, but to attempt to ignore the reality of what happened in Christchurch is beneath us all.

Civilians don’t need machine guns. Christchurch showed us that in grim horror. There’s no going back on that.


  1. “I get it’s scary, you are all white males” “vapid white male entitlement”- wtf is this racist bullshit? I notice gun control nz is also using this divisive racial crap to push their agenda. SHAME

  2. Still only a superficial understanding of what is taking place here eh Martyn. If you stick to your insistence on calling them “machine guns” and your own biases and stereotypes, than you have nothing useful to add to this discussion.

  3. I just don’t understand why this need to kill things and as easily as possible is so important for these people. Very strange !

    • It’s a brotherhood that anti-masculinity / pro femininity won’t understand. It’s like every time you shot on full auto you’re flipping the bird to all the PC bullshit going on outside the gun gun club. Or every time David Chapelle mocks some tragic group we all collectively flip the woke Massy Unibersoty the bird. It’s like we are not children so don’t treat us like we are children. That’s what it is.

      Of course the vast majority of gun owners had nothing to do with the Christchurch Shooting and they would like everyone to continue to belive that. It’s false of course. Not having anything to do with bad gun owners is exactly how Brenton Tarrant was able to float the whole system. So for that reason the whole thing is getting shut down and when the lights go out there will be dry eyes and no tears from anyone including the brotherhood of machine guns.

    • Odd, isn’t it? I mean, I could perhaps understand if the government was saying, “No more guns of any description for anyone, ever. It’s back to hunting with a piece of flint taped to a broom handle for you, matey.” But they’re not. They’re just saying, “You know all those assault rifle jobbies? Yeah, well, we’ve collectively decided it’s probably best if those aren’t floating about the place because, you know, crazy people and all. Let’s call it a public safety issue. Cheers.”

      Cue outrage. “But… you can’t. I’ll… I’ll feel like an emasculated failure without my AR15.” What’s more important? Your sad feelings of inadequacy, or doing our best to stop another lunatic from mowing down a mosque full of civilians? Take all the time you need.

      In other news, it’s entirely possible to teach your enthusiastic offspring to shoot with a bolt-action rifle. It doesn’t HAVE to be an AR15 or equivalent, and whimpering about the government depriving kids of a healthy outdoor lifestyle or essential bush skills is pretty feeble, to be honest.

  4. having watched a 10min video of Peters talking to the protesters I think the most concerning thing was that the deputy prime minister seemed to be unaware that the 2nd round of firearms law contained things like warrantless searches of licensed firearms owners. Do our politicians even read what they are being asked to pass? or are they giving police free reign to write laws that reduce firearms owners to 2nd class citizens?

  5. These people don’t own machine guns. They own semi-automatics. This includes items such as duck shooting shot guns, 100 year old lever action guns as well as AR and AK derivatives. They are the target of a pointless witch hunt by the government.

    The firearms owners associations have long proposed that the basic ‘A’ licence be restricted so that beginners could not obtain semi-automatics, but they were ignored by various governments over the years.

    The Christchurch killer was able to obtain a licence because of a reduction in background checks by police. His references weren’t checked and he was never interviewed in his home. His references were all ‘Facebook friend’ some of whom had never actually met him. This reduction in scrutiny was agreed by a parliamentary subcommittee chaired by Jacinda Ardern.

    The category C (collectors) licence holders are totally unaffected by the new regulations. They can still own ANYTHING: real AK47s, M16s, Sten guns, heavy machine guns; you name it. Ron Marks has a ‘C’ licence and owns several real, functional, machine guns. Now isn’t that ironic!

    • Oh get over your big bad self Shona! This is the basics! A gun is like a car, you need to register it and there needs to be accountability for owning it. I suspect you have no working knowledge of the word fascism.

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