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  1. Last month was the 50th anniversary of this song. Now a whole new generation are singing it right around the world. Robbie Robertson still going strong (Ringo’s here too). The Weight.

  2. What a total disgrace Radio NZ is today as our public radio network.

    I turn on radio NZ at 9 10am today 18th October 2019, and the conversation is between the RNZ anchor-person (Kathryn Ryan) and a US reporter all about Donald trump politics, so I opt out and at 9;20 am I tune in again and the same silly conversation is going on gang busters again and it finally ends after 10;25 am after a 15 minute conversation and this is so “over the top” so here we are in the provinces (HB) with no real active cover over our public issues because (RNZ claimed to us) that they have more important issues that their few reporters need to cover???????? Now it is 10;30am and the same Radio NZ anchor reporter is interviewing yet another US reporter about US dairy farming!!!!!!!

    So where are the reporters who we need to cover NZ issues and not spend all our public funding on other countries instead of our country??? This is a total disgrace.

  3. Bloody hell after 10;30 am again Katheryn Ryan again gsts talking to another US reporter about Dairy farming from 10;30 am to 10 45 am she needs sacking as she spends so much time on long distance phone conversations with US and others than kiwis sadly.

    She needs to be sacked.

    • I think you should be a bit careful what you wish for @ Cleangreen. RNZ does pretty well given its level of funding and the resources it has. It’s been starved half to death even if there are one or two people in there that are feeding at the trough.
      There’s a history to it all (such as having its own transmission facilities ripped out from underneath it in the pursuit of a commercial gain – as well as studio facilities (such as the old Broadcasting House in Wellington taken away so that politicians (from memory) could get their own swimming pool (which never came to pass). It does actually cover local issues as best it can – probably just not at the time you might want it.
      The whole Free-to-Air radio and TV system needs a bloody good shakeup, and hopefully when that happens, they won’t let the likes of a Ralston anywhere near it

  4. 18/10/19 totaly I am now listening to Colin Peacock from (Media watch) now talking to Katherine Ryan at RNZ saying we need to overhaul ‘TV/Radio in NZ.’

    Yes we do need a total overhaul of the whole media in NZ as it is non functional now.

    We need to go back to NZ focused media “investigative journalism” local content issues about NZ life not what is going on overseas for ‘Christ sake’ get real NZ media.

    • Luckily for Kathryn Ryan she doesn’t have to worry about whether you approve of her program. You seem to need to grow up, lighten up, and enjoy the variety of her show rather than the petty local politics you would prefer. Yes the issues are important but the bi polar bi party sniping can become tedious. Full marks to Kathryn for giving us a break.

  5. I must say I find it a bit hard to feel the kind of sympathy the new mother of the nation (Hilary Barry) does over 3.
    A bit like crony capitalism – it was always bound to disappear up its own arse.
    Also a bit like the oil companies now that they know they’re under the spotlight – they’re trying to show the gummint just who is boss. Call their bluff!
    The other day, I commented that NZ has the most over-managed system in providing broadcast services (and especially PSB).
    NZoA, RNZ, TVNZ, Kordia, Te Mangai Paho, MTS – all public assets and each with a CEO, Board and Senior Management on a good earn. Even the MforCulture & Heritage and TPK poke their noses in from time to time.
    There is a way around all this whereby we get PS FTA Radio and TV, AND a platform for independent (commercially funded) news and content (dramas et al) from various producers and production houses).
    There are vested interests of course – many/most in senior management positions wishing to preserve their earn
    There is NO reason why we should not have an IWI radio system (localised with a network capability), an RNZ type National and ConcertFM and a The Wireless, a TV 1 Public and 2 Heartland, and a couple of independent channels drawing on an independent news provider and various other production houses for content.
    NZoA, a while ago created various ‘funding streams’ such as “factual” and “scripted” and “platform”, and there’d be income for independents (such as 3) if TVNZ was de-commercialised; Kordia was used to provide income (after all it is a profit making public asset stolen from public radio and TV); levying a small amount from PayTV operators (which is something we should have been doing years ago); and flattening out the huge top heavy management structures in place that deliver fuck all for what they cost. Christ – the independents could even draw on content from the likes of STUFFED, Granny and the stars at The Spinoff so that they could exercise a few egos.

    There isn’t really the will because it’d challenge the neo-liberal religion and quite a few generic managers, boards and CEOs might have to take a walk.
    I heard Mark Jennings just say that probably no one would want to buy 3 anyway. Good!. Give it to NZoA as a STARTING point to a massive and long overdue reorganisation of FTA radio and television

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