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  1. I’m expecting @SaveNZ along when the next round of Open Mike comments get published.
    However even given Iain Lees-Galloway’s past failing coming to terms with his Munstry’s ineptitude, he’s made the correct decision, and being somewhat hamstrung by the laws and conventions we (rightly IMHO) signed up to – that’s IF we want to at least pretend to be a civilised 1st world country.
    Either we do, or we don’t but stop the bloody hypocrisy Soimun. I’m more concerned about the policies you enabled and fostered that allowed the industrialisation of worker exploitation and trashing a tertiary education system for the sake of a dollar. Let alone the continued trashing and neo-liberalisation of the public service.

    Soimun is attempting to try another hit at the Munster, along with Tovie and Dunks.

    No Moi, Hairy Moi, Kukky Moi Sooozy.
    We should not be giving this man the Keys to the Kingdom
    Eek! That bloody Red Radio eh

    • Hi OnceWasTim,
      You have to wonder if Sroubek can pull the wool over everybody’s eyes as needing protection when he is an EU citizen, the law needs to be changed to balance victims rights, aka how much damage and protection society needs from criminals and intensely damaged people, (we already have enough of them that were born here not getting the care they need) coming here, often sponsoring in other people to make cash on the side by helping ‘others’ get residency or illegally work here…

      Child abuser wins right to stay in New Zealand for humanitarian reasons

      Child abuse dad avoids deportation on humanitarian grounds to stay with family

      Iain Lees-Galloway chose ‘lazy’ option granting residency to drink-driver – Simon Bridges

      New resident convicted of sex offending twice, won’t be deported

      Judge’s difficult sentencing of a former refugee who won’t stop offending

      Rapist wins case to be allowed to stay in NZ

      Rich building boss guilty of immigration fraud after residency granted, loses court battle with Herald

      List goes on, the law needs changing just like OZ is getting tougher, under globalism and intense demand, NZ has now become the criminal place of choice to give a sob story now OZ is out, and if you do illegal stuff in NZ, no problem, no deportation for you!

      This has nothing to do with politics in the sense that both Natz and Labour grant criminals residency all the time. The problem is that the word is out, so we are attracting more and more from overseas getting into NZ and then applying to be a permanent resident or citizen, who often need a life of specialist care while creating more and more victims from their crimes.

      Under the Natz, it is NZ’s brighter future (of criminals their preferred citizen) and under Labour it’s (their kind face to a foreigner while local victims of crime are ignored as your don’t get international press for that).

      Even if you are related to a victim of crime in NZ, the new way is to lobby government to get a special visa to stay here. Well there is so much crime happening in NZ, it could take over from the ‘chef’ as being a way to permanent residency in NZ and a life on benefits and being supported, yippee!

      Lots of bad things happen to NZ victims of criminals, but they don’t lobby other countries and ask for special visas! In NZ encouraged by lawyers, it seems very common.

      From murder victims families to the ChCh massacre, the problem is, that there are increasingly more murders happening in NZ from overseas residents who then create a Ponzi of the relatives of those victims applying for residency here.

      Meanwhile we have more locals who work a 40 hour week and then go to a food bank to make ends meet. Nobody seems to have any resources or effective lobbyists for local people, the unions now support the migrant workers because they are their ‘growth’ market, while the poor here are getting worse off and it’s not because they don’t have a job!

      • Yes @ SaveNZ. I realise all that. I just read your Open Mike comments on the 14th October which I interpreted as attributing too much blame on I L-G.
        Really, the only thing I L-G, AND other ministers in this coalition are guilty of is being slow (VERY BLOODY SLOW) to wake up to the fact that the senior ranks of our public service have become seriously dysfunctional – whether because they’re out of their depth, don’t have enough resources, or have simply become partisan hacks – or all three.
        Probably, gullibility is the most serious of their crimes.
        I’m also not as willing as many are to simply aportion blame to a MSM which has shifted right. RNZ has some good people pushing against the breeze, and even Mediawerken still have one or two pushing shit uphill. (Gill Bonnett, Pennington, Gerritson and others at RNZ; Morrah at the New Shub. Even Stuffed and the Herald rag have one or two – you’re willing to refer to them quite a bit. I’m just not willing to write them all off. And if it hadn’t been for them, the previous junta and wannabe gummint after 2020 would have/and will be getting away with murder).
        I see signs that I L-G has finally woken up, though he has a mammoth task trying to push that amount of shit uphill. (I’m still not sure he’s up to it. It still needs an NZTA style necking)
        But, the good thing is – they’re gradually exposing themselves and coming to grief
        (I wonder what James Casson is gunna do now eh – roundly had it shuvved up him in the Tron. It should NEVER have had to come to all that )
        Anyway, GtG, but as I look towards the next election, it may have to be picking the least worst option – or possibly not even entering a party vote, simply the candidate

  2. The House Speaker’s discipline, here.

    He said that “any new advertisements that breach the rules will result in a further reduction. “

  3. Woman causes death and is protected while man who reports murders is persecuted

    Not sure if someone has touched on this hypocrisy, but that woman in the UK who mowed down the teen on the motorbike and then fled the country, what an absolute farce which shows the true world we live in today. She was the wife of an intelligence officer and not a diplomat, so she shouldn’t have been allowed immunity and the right to leave the country (really it’s hard to tell these days who exactly is part of the ruling class), not that anyone should for causing someone’s death with a motor vehicle without facing the consequences. Contrast this with Assange, who revealed the murderous and illegal world of intelligence and military, was dragged out of the sovereign territory of an embassy, and now faces extradition to the US. It’s the horrible inverse and a sad irony to the Harry Dunn case and is the antithesis to what is fair, truthful, legal, ethical and transparent in society.

    • Mowing down a child on their driveway is ok in NZ when you are solely driving a 10 ton truck for a big multinational Chinese owned company, and you fail your mirror checks, have known blind spots and have an expired traffic plan and work safe does not bother to interview the driver before letting them off any fine.

      “The inquest heard from WorkSafe inspector Kim Severinsen, who had found no issues with the competence or training of the truck’s driver Sau Tulua Aliifaalogo and no issues with Waste Management.

      He said he had not been able to talk to Aliifaalogo or other drivers as they declined to be interviewed, and he had no power to compel them.”

      “Mr Aliifaalogo, cross-examined by police lawyer Baden Hilton, conceded his training for hazards was mainly for those to the rear and overhead.

      Mr Hilton noted Mr Aliifaalogo, in test conditions after the incident, failed four times out of 11 to adequately complete a sequence of mirror checks. Once his foot slipped off the vehicle’s start-stop pedal, which is over-sized and prone to being activated accidentally.

      Worksafe lawyer DeAnne Brabant noted there were three mirrors to the left and three to the right for the driver to check. Mr Aliifaalogo conceded he didn’t always do those checks to rule.

      While he knew what a Traffic Management Plan (TMP) was, Mr Aliifaalogo was unable to describe to the inquest how one applied.

      He did not know the one held by the Gisborne District Council for the area that day had expired.

      Mr Aliifaalogo’s formal statement included a comment he knew of the blind spot at the right-hand side of the vehicle.

      But in two years of working for the company, Mr Aliifaalogo had never reported it, Mr Vanderkolk said.

  4. The Dictatorship is slowly taking shape, you won’t have to have been convicted of any existing crime, and the government will put a watch and curfew on those considered a ‘risk’, on the balance of probabilities, they may engage in or promote ‘terrorism’:

    And we know one man’s ‘terrorist’ is another one’s ‘freedom fighter’.

    Sounds like a crazy and unnecessary law, but the Nats support it, so do Winston and Jacinda.

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