National spectacularly jump the shark over ‘Sroubrek 2.0’ and highlight their ultimate weakness


National made a lot of hay out of the Sroubrek story.

Despite Immigration not including the information National had dug up via Sroubrek’s ex wife, Iain Lees-Galloway admission he’d spent about as much time reading the file as Trump does for his average tweet suggested a slackness in the minds of muddle Nu Zilind, and Lees-Galloway received an enormous amount of unfair bile and attack for that.

‘Why isn’t the Minister bothering to read files and allowing kickboxing drug dealers into the country’ the sleepy hobbits cried out, as if MDMA is all of a sudden a serious drug.

National have attempted to harvest the same banal sense of ‘why are Labour protecting crims’ with this latest story about the Minister extending residency to a recidivist drink driver and a ‘protected person’ because it turns out that National had actually granted the person the same privileges twice before…

National’s ‘Sroubrek 2.0’ outrage backfires

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The National Party’s outrage that the Immigration Minister granted residency to a protected person and recidivist drink driver, entitling them to the same benefits as New Zealanders, has backfired.

Immigration NZ has confirmed the person received the same access to benefits and privileges on a temporary work visa, which was issued twice by the National-led government.


Now if Labour had fucked up this badly, Duncan Garner, Mike Hosking, Heather Duplicitous and all the other Trolls over at the ZB Troll Farm would be screaming for a resignation, of course when it’s National with  self inflicted egg on their face they won’t mention it.

Embarrassment aside, it’s a reminder that Simon Bridges has been on a  high since he trapped the Government in that Treasury hack fiasco and his gut instinct to double down and exploit Labour’s lack of narrative direction usually works, but if he doesn’t;t have all his facts before he starts throwing mud, it can come back back and bite him in the face.

This tendency of his could backfire spectacularly in the pressure cooker of an election campaign.

Judith Collins, who has suddenly gone rogue with her announcement of some pretty startling climate denial claims, will be cackling watching Simon trip over himself.


  1. judeath will get sorted by our young climate change people she needs to retire she has had her days like many of our councillors

    • Agreed. The climate deniers on Hamilton City Council all got turfed out at this election – replaced with some bright young people, one of whom – Sarah Thomson – is the lawyer who took the government to court over their lack of action on climate change.

  2. For once it seems National has shat the bed. Good.

    However, Jacinda’s “Dalai Lama”–kindness to all–approach, is fine in some situations but not for dealing with Nat attack lines. A more confrontational response is needed when Bridges plays up, he needs to be chastised strongly and often.

    • “A more confrontational response is needed when Bridges plays up”

      C’mon Shane?
      Where are you?
      If you fully believe in the value of this Coalition, now would be a good time to start showing it.
      Stop leaving all the defence to Jacinda or Winston. Let them get on with their work.
      Live your Mana. Speak your truth – or shout it! Find some cojones…

    • Yeah… but once Jacinda starts bollocking them for their malevolent antics, she’ll be branded a hypocrite and troglodytes like Hosking and friends will all start howling, “Where’s your politics of kindness now, Prime Minister?! Pot, kettle, black, etc…” Jacinda’s all about empathy, compassion and basic humanity. The head-kicking should probably be delegated. (Trevor Mallard was very good at it, but he’s obviously a non-starter this time around. And the fist-fights should probably be avoided.) She needs someone with a streak of mongrel in them. Someone prepared to relentlessly highlight National’s incompetence, hypocrisy and malice, but with humour. (Michael Cullen was very handy with a smirk and a cutting remark.) Because nothing irks a pompous blowhard more than being laughed at. God knows Bridges and his bile-spewing minions provide more than enough material.

  3. The law needs amending to staunchly protect victims rights and stop the travesty that someone from the EU (better human rights than NZ) gets NZ residency on the basis they are afraid to go back. It’s truely pathetic!

    No wonder with the many sob stories being lapped up by NZ judges and politicians (who get a nice donation too) and the millions to be made illegally in NZ to pay QC lawyers here to get off, NZ is now a Mecca for illegal activity.

    Both Labour and Natz need to clean up this law, because we already don’t reform the criminals we have, or offer safe haven to our own kids who under Oranga Tamiriki are housed in jails because they have no place to go.

    As the saying goes, charity starts as home.

    In NZ under neoliberalism the law seems to favour, punitive action and neglect starts at home, overseas criminals get charity.

    Both Natz and Labour are guilty of doing nothing on this issue and in fact making it worse.

    Think how fast (with lobbyists on their backs) can get back unhealthy food in schools (NATZ) or ban guns or have fines when students bodies appear in university halls (Labour) or get another 1000 aged parents residency in NZ, under a degree of urgency… but no interest in stopping criminals coming to NZ and being able to commit crimes here for the rest of their lives and create more and more innocent victims and a dysfunctional society.

    Just a few cases…

    Child abuser wins right to stay in New Zealand for humanitarian reasons

    Child abuse dad avoids deportation on humanitarian grounds to stay with family

    Iain Lees-Galloway chose ‘lazy’ option granting residency to drink-driver – Simon Bridges

    New resident convicted of sex offending twice, won’t be deported

    Judge’s difficult sentencing of a former refugee who won’t stop offending

    Rapist wins case to be allowed to stay in NZ

    Rich building boss guilty of immigration fraud after residency granted, loses court battle with Herald

    Time to change the law to stop the criminals coming to NZ and being speedily deported if they commit any illegal acts here!!

    Zero tolerance for crime here and take the NZ citizenship/ residency away if anybody does have recent NZ citizenship and commits a serious crime such as drugs, murder, rape, fraud, people trafficking within 45 years of getting it, (aka half of a lifetime) etc!

    For those on a temp visa, they should deport them for any offence that puts them before the courts to show a zero tolerance. Not all the discharged without convictions that currently reign!

  4. Bwidges attempting to score “hits” on the Government is his divisive bullshit 24/7 life. He produces absolutely nothing other than throwing stones. Time the Government stood up and stopped being his punching bag. Highlight his hypocrisy with a few of the absurd decisions the Latrine Rodent Party made during their 9 long years. How many hundreds of offenders were allowed to stay in NZ for bullshit reasons after they displayed total contempt for our laws and our people. How many home owners had to wait 7 days for Police attendance when their home was burgled etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc. Start returning serve like you mean it or the rat party will get more traction against you. In the eyes of most people if you don’t defend yourself against accusations, you are accepting those same accusations are true and correct.

  5. Bridges just looks hysterical with his repeated wild claims against the coalition, running to his mates at the media to propagandise (Tovah’s on speed dial). But if you scratch the surface and look a little closer, these immigration and other deals often originate years ago with National.

    • “But if you scratch the surface and look a little closer, these immigration and other deals often originate years ago with National.”

      Exactly. (So much of Nat’s mess to clean up; so little time.)

  6. I am so over Simon Bridges. He is starting to look and sound like a Village Idiot so much nowadays.
    His so-called ‘justifiable’ attacks on the government have become childish, immature and petty.
    I have switched off listening to the idiot. In fact I have now completely switched off listening to any of the National Party MPs. They are just living proof of what a waste of NZ taxpayers money they have turned out to be due to their childishness and immature behaviour.
    They, the National MPs, are deeming themselves to be such utter perfection and without sin or blame for even what they did whilst in government and yet behaving like immature imbeciles now in Opposition that I thank our lucky stars we finally now have a government that listens and cares about NZers.
    Yes the Coalition government does have its faults and have made mistakes but they are a breath of fresh air compared to the previous National government lot who had a “Holier Than Thou(towards ordinary low income NZers)” attitude to those NZers who never had enough money to donate extra to the NZ National Party re-election fund(s).
    And knowing National MPs abilities to buy knighthoods I guess it will be only a matter of time that we see the worse of the worse in the NZ National Party being given knighthoods eg. Dame Paula Bennett, Dame Judith Collins, Sir Slime-on Bridges. etc.etc.etc Goodness even giving knighthoods to these lowlifes is quite an insult to ordinary NZers

    • Obviously you ha enot seen the latest polls . Simon is leading a party that is getting more popular each time . Greens are struggling and NZF are fading . If the Maori Party make a comeback and go the right way we will once be lead by people with sense.

      • So… greedy troughers who don’t give a toss about beneficiaries, the working poor, the disabled, the homeless or the environment, then? Cool. Looking forward to that.

  7. Bridges is an idiot. The problem is he is a National idiot. There is a hell of a lot of very wealthy corporate wealth supporting an idiot.
    Polls are statistics based on very dodgy cohorts.
    Unfortunately the chattering class seem to elevate polls into “NEWS”.
    RNZ made a headline news item out of someone’s grandfathers death.
    The media will do ANYTHING to attract attention.
    The fact (NB) that the media “report” poll results begs the question. Who is paying for the polls?
    presumably all parties buy into polling.
    Jim Bolger was right (of course) the only poll that counts is on election day

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