Unite Media release: Casino strike and picket as SkyCity Chair lectures on “Fair Pay” today



SkyCity Casino workers will be on strike and picketing today as Rob Campbell, the Chair of SkyCity Casino talks to other employers about making pay fair at a “Wellbeing at Work” conference today.

Billed as a forum for “Helping build safe, inclusive and resilient workplaces”, Campbell is speaking on Fair & transparent practices for pay, performance management & promotions.

“The conference cost over $2,500 per person so its pretty safe to say there won’t be any low paid workers views expressed inside – you know – the people whose have the most unfair par and most issues with ‘wellbeing at work’ “ says Skycity site Convenor Joe Carolan

Campbell’s employees have been taking strike action for over a month to “Bring Back the Weekend” – extra pay for night and weekend work, the times where SkyCity makes most of its profits.

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“If SkyCity want to make pay fair and improve the wellbeing of workers then they don’t have to go far. Charity, as they say, starts at home. As an ex-Trade Unionist, Rob Campbell shouldn’t need to be reminded. We invite him to talk to his employees as well – not just other bosses.”


The picket will start at 2pm today (Tuesday 15th October) outside the Grand Millennium Hotel, 71 Mayoral Drive, Auckland.