Think Of Us – School Strike 4 Climate NZ


170,000 New Zealanders took to the streets on September 27th to demand an ambitious Zero Carbon Bill with cross party consensus. School Strike 4 Climate NZ (SS4C NZ) say, “Our fate is now in the hands of the politicians. They must #ThinkOfUs while they make the most important decision of our lives”.

The Zero Carbon Bill, currently entering its next phase, is one of the best shots we have at working towards climate justice, and building a framework for the urgent and meaningful action needed in Aotearoa and around the world, say SS4C NZ.

As the Bill moves through Parliament, SS4C NZ are calling on our NZ elected leaders to think of us. Think of their children. Think of the 170,000 people who went on strike for climate justice. Think of those in the Pacific, on the front lines of climate change right now. Think of the many businesses who are stepping up and showing leadership in reducing emissions.

“We need those in power to #ThinkOfUs during this incredibly important moment in history,” says Lucy Gray from School Strike 4 Climate NZ.” To our MPs, we say which side of history would you like to be on? When you’re talking to grandkids about this period of time, will you be able to tell them you did everything in your power to protect their right to a future? Think of us, the rangatahi. Think of us, the children of this planet. What kind of world do you want to pass on?” says Maia McRoberts from SS4C Auckland.

Wellington SS4C organiser, Oli Morphew’s, message to NZ politicians is “3.5% of Aotearoa’s population used their voices last week, so let those words stay in your mind over the next few weeks. it’s your responsibility to represent us while we are silenced”.

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The Zero Carbon Bill has four key components: it sets a target for New Zealand to be carbon-zero by 2050, apart from methane emissions, which are set to reduce 24-47 per cent below 2017 levels by 2050; establishes an independent climate commission to provide expert advice and monitoring to Governments; sets a series of emissions budgets to act as stepping stones towards the long-term target; and requires the Government to develop and implement policies for climate change adaptation and mitigation.

As the bill goes through its second reading, SS4C NZ ask members of Parliament to “#ThinkOfUs”.