Support for Global Day of Action against Turkish invasion – Aotearoa Workers Solidarity Movement


Support for the Global Day of Action against Turkish invasion on Oct. 12
We are calling up on all New Zealanders to make a stand against the Turkish invasion of Rojava.

The Rojava Revolution began more than 7 years ago, and despite the difficulties and contradictions, despite the physical and media warfare, the people of Rojava (together with the Autonomous Administration of North-East Syria) continues to write history. A history of democracy, women liberation and social ecology; a history of revolution and internationalism; a history of alternatives to the current capitalist mentality and the nation-state system. This progressive faces its greatest threat since the beginning of the revolution.

Demonstrate your support

Get in touch with the Turkish authorities and tell them what you think

Turkish Embassy in Wellington, New Zealand
Level 12, 15-17 Murphy Street, Thorndon
Wellington 6011
TELEPHONE(+64) 4 472 1292
(+64) 4 472 12 90
FAX(+64) 4 472 1277

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  1. Must be a trying time for Kiwi uber-liberals — initially overjoyed that a thousand GIs supporting the Kurds were taken off the line, now somewhat miffed that tens of thousands of Turkish forces (some reported as committing war crimes from the outset) have moved into the vacuum.

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