All Blacks World Cup Match cancelled by an extreme weather event and local rugby mad media don’t connect dots


All Blacks World Cup Match cancelled by an extreme weather event and local rugby mad media don’t connect dots…

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It really says something about us in terms of our culture of climate denial that the fastest intensifying Super Typhoon ever recorded isn’t seen for the climate crisis connected extreme wether event that it is, instead it’s seen through the ultra selfish lens of ‘but the All Blacks! Rugby! Blah Blah Blah!’

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The extreme wether events that we will increasingly witness because of the climate crisis will intrude more and more often until they are continuous. What glimpse of our collective future don’t you appreciate yet you sleepy hobbits?

Fuck the rugby! This typhoon and its unprecedented speed of intensification is the story here not a bloody sports game!



  1. Fuck the Rugby, God damn right.

    This terminally dull shitfest game, sent by God to punish us for our sins and then some just never stops taking does it?

  2. Whadarryaaaa!! whats a little storm compared to our mighty Rugby! Rugby–give us Rugby!–Eat More–Root More–Drink more Piss!!–Go the All Blacks…

    …yes it could be a little tricksy kicking penalties into a 250km mega wind, and sure the Ref’s whistle may be a bit hard to detect–but hey “we’ll” win anyway eh bro…and well if the stadium roof blows off and takes a few locals with free tickets with it…well, manly men can handle that, get over it you lefty wusses and give us Rugby!

    • Nothing like Schadenfreude. I’m almost glad the weather has challenged the ‘mighty’ ABs – but hey, if they want to play on in a hurricane ….

    • You do know that first line you mention is from Foreskins lament by greg mcgee. Its interesting that the world has changed but still our attitudes remain back in those rugby racing and beer. But rugby has changed now the corporate end of town wants to get involved. What for of course money. Big money. Someways the older times of rugby were better before our market economy took over it.

  3. “Colin Meads woulda’ played in that.
    Bloody kids going soft. Bring back compulsory militray training I say.
    It’s all this bloody socialism and PC nonsense………”

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