Why Women Love the Teardrop Breast Implant


When a woman wants to enhance the size and shape of her breasts but still wants the results to look and feel natural, surgeons generally recommend the teardrop breast implant. 

During your breast augmentation consultation, your surgeon will take you through the various implant options available to you but if you fall into the above category, here are a few of the reasons why you might want to consider teardrop implants.

Teardrop Implants – 7 Reasons Why They’re Popular


  • The breasts look more natural after surgery


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Also known as anatomical implants, teardrop implants are the closest to the real shape of a female breast. As the name suggests, the implant forms a teardrop shape, which creates a natural fullness in the lower pole. With this being said, you will still need to choose the right surgeon to perform your procedure if you want to achieve natural-looking results. Find out more about who’s the best breast augmentation surgeon in Sydney here: 


  • It offers a closer cleavage


Since teardrop implants sit higher on the chest, have a fuller lower pole and a wide base, the cleavage that forms is much closer. As an added bonus, this specific implant shape also creates more ‘side boob’, a trend that isn’t going away any time soon. 


  • Can reduce the appearance of mild ptosis


Women with mild breast ptosis can benefit from teardrop implants because they offer a slight lift due to the projection of the implants. In many instances, patients have been able to avoid breast lift surgery because they received teardrop implants.


  • They’re ideal for wide-set breasts


Teardrop implants are ideal for women who have a wider frame and want to create more balance. It’s possible to achieve this with teardrop implants because they have a wide diameter and can help mould the breasts into a more desirable shape. This can be achieved by closing the cleavage and moving the breast tissue to a more central position. 


  • They’re ideal for women with minimal breast tissue


Teardrop breast implants are popular amongst women with petite frames and limited natural breast tissue because they can disguise the appearance of thin tissue, while also adding more shape to the chest. 


  • Risk of developing capsular contracture is lower


Teardrop implants contain a silicone gel that is slightly firmer than that of a round implant. This specific type of gel is not only designed to lower the risk of rupture but it reduces the chances of capsular contracture occurring too. This is because the implant has a micro-texture coating. 


  • Tuberous breasts can be corrected


Finally, teardrop implants are popular because they can also be used to correct tuberous breasts. Tubular breasts form when the breasts are restricted near the base, which makes the distance between the nipple and the crease of the breast much shorter, creating a cone-like shape. 

Overall, teardrop breast implants offer a number of compelling benefits and are fast becoming the preferred choice amongst women across the globe. Ask your surgeon to take you through your options and show you how they compare to teardrop implants so that you can make an informed decision.