Free Julian Assange! Protest in Wellington


Free Julian Assange! Protest in Wellington on Friday October 11

Free Assange NZ, supported by the Socialist Equality Group, is holding a protest in Wellington this Friday October 11 at 1pm, to demand freedom for Julian Assange.

Starting in Cuba Street, near Leftbank, at 1pm.
Walking to the UK High Commission at 2pm.

October 11 marks six months since Assange was illegally seized from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. He has since been held in the maximum security Belmarsh Prison, where he is now awaiting rendition to the United States.

Assange is in prison because his organisation, WikiLeaks, published evidence of US war crimes committed in Iraq and Afghanistan, and details about US spying, bullying and other gangster-like behaviour throughout the world. If the Trump administration, supported by the Democrats, gets their hands on Assange, he will be jailed for life and potentially tortured for the “crime” of journalism.

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Julian Assange’s health is deteriorating and his life is in danger.

Chelsea Manning, who leaked the evidence to WikiLeaks in 2010, has been imprisoned for more than six months in the US for refusing to give false evidence against Assange.

The New Zealand Labour-led government has maintained a shameful silence on Assange and Manning because of NZ’s alliance with the US war machine.

This protest is part of the worldwide campaign demanding freedom for Assange and Manning, and an end to censorship and the persecution of whistleblowers, journalists and anti-war activists.

The Australian government must be forced to defend Australian citizen Julian Assange by intervening to secure his freedom and his basic democratic rights! The UK government must be forced to release the WikiLeaks founder!

Free Julian Assange!
Free Chelsea Manning!
Stop the global war on journalism!
Stop imperialist wars!
End all internet censorship!
End mass surveillance!
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  1. Where the fuck is Amnesty International on this?
    Their original mission was to free political prisoners, latterly they became the attack dog for US foreign policy
    If Assange isn’t a political prisoner, no one fits the description .
    Still not sure how to address the envelope
    Do I put DOB prisoner no. etc etc all on the envelope?
    Or the heading for the letter?
    How about a letter campaign to Jacinda?

    • You could try a petition as I think he still has a lot of support, but one of the weapons of neoliberalism is that with public money to burn, they do not give up harassing political targets…. it can go on and on and on and on… so many years that (like TPPA) it gets harder for people to keep the momentum up to support the cause and or person. And they count on that, (however that does not mean that people agree with the government on Assange’s harassment). Just the fight has been drawn out for so long…fatigue sets in, less people have time on their hands to protest or run campaigns.

      Doing the same with Dotcom. It has been going on so long, so much dirty practices being done by government organisations, people have forgotten he didn’t do anything wrong, as copywrite infringement is not a criminal crime in NZ. It’s a manufactured, political case run by John Key for the US donors, that kept going.

  2. Shame on Britain! Shame! Shame! Shame!
    JOHN PILGER has said
    ” I saw Assange recently, and he is not well. He has lost a lot of weight. But he has the most extraordinary resilience. And he even maintains a sense of humor,which I find quite remarkable. But there’s no doubt the months of isolation, months of the continuing sense of persecution — the U.N. rapporteur on torture, Nils Melzer, put it very well when he said Julian is the victim of mobbing. It’s a particular kind of victimization. And the psychological effects of that are very, very damaging. So when you say, “What would I want?” I want to get him out of there. This is not a place for human beings.It’s like a warehouse. It’s a cage. And he is an innocent man. He should be out of there.”

    • And shame on us for not expressing our commitments to human rights and the rule of law
      Assanges eviction from the Ecuador Embassy at the hands of UK police was unprecedented in the last 3 centuries(I think it happened in Spain in 1737 or thereabouts)

  3. And shame on our so-called media professionals. They, the whole lot from radio and TV and print media, should be openly exposing the shocking treatment of Assange and openly demanding justice. The silence is a disturbing is the shocking silence about the “March of Return’ killings of Gazan journalists, wearing vests clearly marked PRESS.

    • totally agree
      We cant pretend to be all for human rights and the rule of law and at the same time turn a blind eye to the most egregious abuses

  4. Good on you guys. Assange is one of the few people who actually earned the title of journalist and deserves to be protected on that basis.

  5. 1000% agreement with the post and what francesca, Sean and Lois Griffiths are saying.

    It’s a modern travesty.

    He should be getting the Nobel prize! Shame on Britain and the US and Sweden in particular.

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