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  1. One of the many problems that we will have from climate change is torrential bursts of rain washing infrastructure away, or continual rain making the ground sodden, and in this case leading to a huge and costly slip with costs to business, jobs and access to amenities and services. And likely to dam rivers, so affecting

    So even more reason for getting stabilising trees and shrubs in, perhaps terracing some slopes, and not leaving it up to foreign buyers seeking to get land ownership and get in for carbon credits, and possibly be trying to corner the timber market, or a glut and drop in wood prices as they seek to dominate the wood market in a few decades.

    What nifty ideas have they used overseas to cope with poor roads, when there isn’t much money? Donkeys? or bamboo tracks carrying flat wagons with loads spread along, loaded off trucks and run along to a depot? It is time for our much vaunted No.8 fencing wire ingenuity to help. Don’t let it be killed off by the backsides of corporates smothering the country.

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