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  1. Climate breakdown leaving polar seas open to exploitation, scientist warns

    “Norway has developed new technology that means krill can be sucked straight out of the trawls into the ships so they can be left in water and don’t spoil so quickly. It is also looking to catch fish living in the twilight zone between 200m and 1,000m deep.

    The UK, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Ukraine, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay are also fishing in Antarctic waters, according to Professor Rogers. They are mainly fishing an extremely valuable species known as toothfish, or Chilean sea bass.

    However, the economic benefits of fishing come with severe ecological costs. ​

    A number of studies have shown species dependent on krill such as Adélie and macaroni penguins are in decline. Minke whales and pack-ice seal will lose the sea ice they depend on for foraging and reproduction.

    Professor Rogers said: “Researchers have found a combination of climate change and fishing for krill could lead to extinctions of penguins on some of those Subantarctic islands.

    “If the fishing pressure was removed then those populations would still decline but they wouldn’t disappear. These types of interactions are the ones that are very difficult to understand.”

    Earlier this year research found the Ross Ice Shelf – which is the biggest in the world – was melting 10 times faster than expected due to solar heating in the Antarctic ocean. The Arctic is currently losing an area of ice larger than Scotland ever year.

    Arctic ice melt is moving into uncharted waters
    Professor Rogers says protecting polar marine habitats is extremely difficult because we know very little about them. Governments need to make it clear that “the poles are not for sale”, he says.”

  2. Julian Assange is still locked away. He is treated worse than a vile torturer. In this brave new world hah! a journalist can be dismembered for publishing facts; a leaker of information that government wants to hide from the people, has committed a venal crime. Vicious acts have happened for aeons; but the world was supposed to be trying to reach a higher level of probity at the same time as living standards were rising. But toxic attitudes will arise in any area poor or rich, and will spread if not controlled. That is disillusioning. It scares me.
    Perhaps a campaign for Assange is needed, and not a vile one against him on some spurious charge that is basically misanthropy, and I mean by that an actual hatred of humankind and non-acceptance of our own inherited traits and learned behaviours which is channelled into man-blaming.

  3. It seems to me that we aren’t learning enough about being successful humans in schools. That is we need to understand how we are and how we can control the mis-takes of general human life and encourage ourselves to take the good path.

    Humanities is being pushed to the rear at uni. We are being encouraged to narrow our thinking, think scientifically, learn our maths, prepare ourselves for the tech world. Forget the human, we can easily get more of those, think the PTB.

    This Tedtalk about education in the USA is interesting, and particularly so when you realise that much of the education system that we have is based on USA developments, and some of those have been evaluated and found to not work as they are meant to be, and more, that they encourage teachers to take shortcuts to meet what are impossible targets set up by the PTB.
    So Tedtalk – How to escape education’s death valley | Sir Ken Robinson (

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