Mass deregulation, bashing beneficiaries & a fascist law & order clamp down – National play to our worst angels for election 2020



Simon Bridges has given us a glimpse of what National will lead with into the 2020 election. It’s right wing economic mythology mixed with demonisation of those on welfare combined with tough on crime Police state bullshit.

National are going full blown redneck arsehole for Election 2020, and have no intention of being polite about it.

Massive deregulation, bashing the shit out of beneficiaries and a vast ramping up of Police powers to ‘smash da gangs’ are all hilariously counter productive, but few ever lost an election when appealing so nakedly to the low horizon imagination of NZs most angry and petty voters.

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This myth that we have too much regulation is exactly that, a myth! The Rules Reduction Taskforce looked at this when National were last in power and concluded

It was a surprise to us to find out that a number of the loopy rules are in fact just myths. They are misinterpretations and misunderstandings that have been repeated so often that they have taken on the status of facts. We heard many examples where people are not clear about what they need to do and why. Myths fill the gap when clear information is hard to find. We highlight these myths in this report along with the loopy rules that need to be changed or removed. We discovered that loopy rules are difficult to get rid of because they’re part of a wider system, because a focus on the customer is absent, or because of the interests of experts or the fears of their administrators. What’s clear is they thrive when rule makers fail to take responsibility for them.

…National are lying about the over regulation of NZ and they know it!

Bashing the dirty filthy bennies with punitive punishments and draconian penalties on welfare that is already a pittance is a conscious decision to use hunger, desperation and poverty as self regulating tools for the vulnerable.

Who the Christ holds that ‘welfare’ system up with any pride?

National have no intention of helping those on welfare, they want to beat them up so badly that people are too frightened to go to WINZ in the first place and by making them suffer, pick up the older more sadistic spectrum of the electorate who yearn for the days of legal rape in marriage, public executions and silent children.

The get tough on gangs crack down will see a ramping up of Police powers that will have zero oversight, longer, harsher sentences and counter productive legislation that will lock people into gangs rather than provide means to move beyond them.

National intend to appeal to misplaced anger, resentment and fear as their main election platform. If we fall for the lesser angels of our nature and vote this in, the results will explode as more homelessness and deeper entrenched poverty.

It’s the kind of bile politics that makes you intellectually throw up a little in your throat.


  1. “ramping up of Police powers that will have zero oversight, longer, harsher sentences and counter productive legislation” – this is already happening if you’re a licensed firearms owner. Police have taken advantage of what happened in Christchurch and the general ignorance of government & the public re firearms, to write law and give themselves more power. This is despite nz police being the ones who gave the terrorist his licence, not to mention their own awful record when it comes to losing firearms, multiple negligent discharges, shooting innocent people etc etc. Zero accountability! Expect the royal commission to be a whitewash and watch when police & intelligent services say they need more powers to “keep us safe”. Police state here we come!!

  2. Bridges wants to start a class war, setting Muddle Nu Zillund against the new underclass that JKey’s decade of greed helped create. He longs for the good old days where big banks and the National govt got together and worked out how to buy votes and create a huge bubble – – by pumping credit and immigrants into NZ and bugger the consequences

    • Rob, I don’t believe Bwidges is starting class warfare. He just wants to continue the class warfare Key started and the Dipton Double Dipper followed suit with. Key was too busy “not recalling” and pulling ponytails to notice the carnage created by his call warfare. He did manage to do it all with a smile (smirk). The Dipton Double Dipper remarkably only discovered child poverty two weeks before the 2016 election day when he became very concerned about Jacinda’s popularity. The Me Me Me Party don’t need to offer any more evidence that they couldn’t possibly care less about none National Party voters. They are the epitome of selfish creed. I thank Bwidges because as long as that vile individual is their leader they have no hope of becoming Government. Around about this time next year Bwidges will be discarded by his team mates like unwanted garbage. Pretty much the same way the rest of us already see him.

    • If you think Key started a class war you are deluded; or just another arrogant Liberal.
      The class war was started by Clarke when her gang of academics decided to turn the working class into the benefit class, just to make them feel good about themselves.
      If you want a better NZ stop voting for the five failures that currently control our Parliament. Vote for anyone else if you want a future for your kids.
      The five patriarchal throw-backs to Edwardian times that have been doing their best to wreck our country for 50 years, will continue to do so if you idiots keep voting for them.
      This rubbish by Bradbury is the same utter garbage he is blaming on Bridges. He can’t stand the fact that what he was taught at University is a failure, and he simply isn’t intelligent to think of anything better for himself.
      We need to flush the five and drain the swamp if we want a decent future.

  3. The Nats “Dirty Digital” strategy has been in evidence for some time now. It will be the nastiest election rhetoric since Muldoon in ’75 and Key in 2014.

    Labour’s every email, and their and Green MPs and associates activity, and private backstories are being trawled. State Sector neo libs are furiously back stabbing, leaking and hindering. Wake up Govt!

    This Govt. could easily get re-elected IF they abandoned the neo liberal consensus that has operated since 1984. Adrian Orr has given a hint–spend up large on infrastructure projects–and he is trying to take on the Big Four Aussie banks via raising Operational Risk Capital levels.

    The outlook is not good with Robertson and the Caucus clinging to the miserly fiscal cap, and trying to be virtuous third wayers decades after that approach has been roundly discredited. The Cannabis Referendum will likely get some extra voters out and the balance is tipping in terms of numerical superiority from boomers to their successor generations. But are there any political strategists left in Labour/Greens worthy of the name?

    Fer crissakes–Treen, Minto, Bradbury and a good number of the commenters could do a better job!

  4. “National intend to appeal to misplaced anger, resentment and fear as their main election platform.”

    ‘Intend to appeal to?’. No, National create all of these things.

    Have you forgotten that Bridge’s wife actually announced that he was a dirty little street fighter, proudly ? Did Bronagh or Mary ever disclose that about Key or English ?

    The Labour Party has missed the bus majorly by failing to call National to account for their deliberate lies about NZ’s housing shortage.

    Everyone knows that National sold off state houses. Everyone knows that National denied that there was a housing crisis, i.e. that they lied about it.

    Everyone knows that Bennett’s office tried to smear Hurimoana Bennett in the media after Te Puea Marae demonstrated to her how to go about housing the homeless under his aegis.

    But why has no-one ever asked the National Party, why they deliberately lied ? Why ?

    Parliamentarians could and should have asked, and so too should have the MSM, but the Nats created a shocking situation, lied about it, and got away with their lies without ever being called to account. Why?

    The only reason I can rustle up is that the homeless are largely powerless, and as the challenges of daily existence are their main and immediate concern, everyone up in Parliament has decided that they’re off their radar.

  5. Nothing says National hypocrisy more than placing the failed prop forward and $6million bionic woman Jenny Shipley as the Co-chair of Tuia250. When she was appointed to the role she was described as having “Experience, knowledge and mana needed to make First Encounters 250 a significant commemorative event for our nation” (, 2017). Her experience was certainly revealed recently as a director of Mainzeal. Her knowledge was apparent in the 1990s when she gutted the social services of this country, knowing how it would affect citizens especially the indigenous. And now she is a spokesperson for Aotearoa, still bludging off the taxpayers in a privileged position? Is this the definition of mana?

    References (2017). First encounters 250 commemoration launched. Retrieved from

  6. Why should we be surprised, really? A good ole fashioned class war would be better that the individualistic Woke Wars, or Gender-Activists War, Climate Change War ect … why dont we just wrap them all into one big bif! Because ultimately, the left are behind the 8 ball again and are being fucked over by capitalisms “friend”, Colonialists rule of divide and conquer.

    • “Colonialists rule of divide and conquer”

      Well I didn’t know that! I thought everyone with an urge to power did the old divide and conquer move…

      But then, most groups of people have been colonists at some time in their narrative i.e. every single ethnicity in this country, so – perhaps you’re right.

    • “why dont we just wrap them all into one big bif! ”

      Our strength is in working together, yes. Finding common ground, and starting from there.

  7. “the results will explode as more homelessness and deeper entrenched poverty.”

    Yes. And, poverty is “the greatest enemy of the environment and also one of the greatest enemies of social cohesion”, according to the Head of Victoria University of Wellington’s School of Government. Prof Karacaoglu, also a former Chief Economist at the NZ Treasury and Chief Exec of the Co-operative Bank of NZ, was speaking at a panel session on ‘Sustaining the Economy’. As he says, “somebody who’s poor cannot switch to cleaner energy, somebody who’s poor does not worry whether they are carrying something in plastic or not. They just have to put food on the table.”

    Another Prof on the panel, Stephen Cummings, noted the value of our two cultures growing together: “As this country really investigates what biculturalism means and how that can be a foundation for thinking differently, this gives us a huge advantage. It enables us to go back to look at indigenous values. The notion of the circular economy is not a new thing. It’s a very ancient thing if you’re in Aotearoa and many other countries. ”

    AUT lecturer Amber Nicholson (Ngāruahine), also on the panel, said that problems arise when we treat the Earth as a commodity. “If we flip that and start looking at the Earth as a caregiver, as an ancestor, we are seeing it in a completely different way and if you can change the ideology you can change the lens and it really can do a lot of things about changing sustainable futures.”

    Finally, Cummings pointed out that one of our greatest strengths is “almost everybody in this country under 20 years old”. Those he meets are already “thinking about sustainability before they start. We don’t have to teach it to them, they already know about it”.

    Above are brief excerpts from the Newsroom article, at this link: Poverty the Biggest Enemy of the Environment

  8. Why is it there not 1 left wing blogger prepared to attack our medicines and healthcare fiasco of chronic under funding. Not only that the bullshit pharmac does of switching meds for no other reason to save a few dollars and cents that costs people their healthcare and jobs because they can no longer afford to pay for the medicines their body needs.

  9. The sort of people who want this kind of ‘ National-led government’ are incapable of being convinced by facts. It’s all about the myths and lies.

    However, the Labour-NZ First Coalition needs to do a much better job of convincing us that we’ve actutally been better off under their aegis. There aren’t many glimmers of a turnaround for those of us below the median income level.

    And the ‘spokespeople’? – All speak with the same otherworldly drone based in sheer incomprehension of how it is for the people who rarely vote. But the likes of them/us are as nothing for a politician…

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