170,000 New Zealanders strike for climate – School strike 4 climate


170,000 people stood united for climate justice today across Aotearoa in New Zealand’s third strike for climate. Additionally 290 businesses closed doors for the day and went on strike.

From large cities to small towns, strikes were held in 45 locations around the country. 80,000+ people attended the Auckland strike, which was held in collaboration with 4TK – 4 Tha Kulture. 40,000+ people attended the Wellington strike, which was co-hosted by the 350.org Pacific Climate Warriors.

“Today’s strike was a powerful example of how New Zealanders can stand in true solidarity with Pacific Communities and fight for the climate justice that we all deserve. Pacific Climate Warriors alongside our Pacific community here and in the islands will not stop until we achieve a fossil fuel free future. The strength, resilience and solidarity that was shown today by our SS4CNZ whānau alongside the Pacific Climate Warriors is the same spirit that must now carry us forward in this fight; together & united.” says Mary Gafaomalietoa Sapati Moeono-Kolio from Pacific Climate Warriors.

Today proved that New Zealanders are demanding urgent action on the climate crisis, with 3.5% of the population taking the streets.School Strike 4 Climate NZ is so inspired by the 170,000 people who stood together today. Molly Doyle, SS4C NZ comms and content lead says “This proves that change is coming whether our leaders like it or not.” The School Strike 4 Climate NZ movement is committed to mobilising the masses until their demands are met and they see meaningful action to safeguard their future. SS4C NZ assures us that this will definitely not be the last we see of these climate strikers. Elliot Blyth, social media coordinator for SS4C NZ says “There is too much at stake to let this critical moment slip by, as the window of time we have to act on the climate crisis is closing. Ultimately, we must all unite for climate justice.”