The Hui Review: Oh come on – does ANYONE believe Simon Bridges would’ve raised climate change with Donald Trump? Really?


Oh come on Simon…

Simon Bridges says he would have raised climate change with Donald Trump

Simon Bridges says he would have raised climate change with Donald Trump – even though he doesn’t think it’s an emergency.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern went to New York for the UN Climate Action Summit, where she met with world leaders including the US President. But the focus for her meeting with Trump was trade, not climate change.

Appearing on The Hui on Sunday, Bridges revealed what he would have said if he had that platform.

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“I would have raised it with Donald Trump,” he told host Mihingarangi Forbes.

…what a load of cobblers!

Simon minimises the climate crisis so why on earth would he bring something up that he doesn’t care about? There’s more chance of Donald Trump declaring a desire to wed MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow than Simon arguing climate change with him!

Based on Simon’s dribbling acquiescence to China when he talked to their state TV politburo,  I have a great deal of difficulty imagining any scenario in which Simon wouldn’t get down on his knees and ask how he may please his host.

I mean, actually cheerleading China while they harvest body organs from dissidents, impose the most strict mass surveillance Orwellian dystopia on the planet and have internment camps for 1 million Muslims they are ‘re-educating’ takes a special kind of devotion doesn’t it?

To praise China suggests a flaccidness of values not even 5 tonnes of Viagra cures.

But this ridiculous claim that he would have stood up to Trump in light of a recent past history that suggests nothing but unoffencive servitude was only the least most ridiculous  answer he gave in this excellent Hui interview.

Mihi Forbes, who is easily one of the country’s best broadcasters, demolishes Bridges on the issue of how unjust full and final settlement theory is when he uses Jim Bolger as a defence for the status quo until Mihi points out Bolger is also critical of it.

I suspect Bridges was expecting a far less critical interview and wasn’t prepped for it because his answer becomes a train wreck.

Simon’s basis for full and final is that the white majority passionately cherishes the idea that NZ was founded on stealing indigenous land and only paying 2% of the value of that theft back. Simon argues that if settler nation NZ ever had to pay anything more than 2% for all that land confiscation, well, the very social fabric of our nation would be torn down.

Which on reflection, doesn’t sound like a bad thing at all.

Simon attempts to insinuate that land theft is more a difference of opinion than social injustice until Mihi points out clearly that it isn’t.

The full and final fantasy is just that, a fantasy. Paying a pittance in compensation for stolen land compounds the injustice, it doesn’t heal it. The Treaty is not to be ‘settled’ it is to be ‘honoured’, that’s the difference and the next generation refuse to accept what their grandparents were forced to accept.

I’m not suggesting a sudden land grab by Māori demanding back large tracks of private property, I’m calling for a re-evaluation of previous Treaty settlements for Crown owned land because surely after this awakening the very least we should do is shame the Crown into paying real compensation and not lip service.

Also let’s remember the specific case of Ihumatao isn’t ‘mum and dad’ private land, it was bought by Fletchers as part of Auckland’s greedy property speculation so returning that land to public ownership as a National Park or local housing for mana whenua won’t suddenly trigger all the laws of Adam Smith’s Capitalism to explode at once.

Simon was trying to dog whistle in this interview but Mihi made him swallow it.


    • bert – Shh for heaven’s sake, you may trigger Bridges off again. You also do Trump a disservice here. This was my laugh of the day, reading that Simon would have raised climate change with Trump. Of course Simon would have. He could probably have stopped Hitler invading Poland too, and would have split the atom if someone else hadn’t got there first. What a noble piece of work – something like that.

  1. Bridges would what? Miriama Kamo and the Sunday team really showed who the adults in the room were tonight. Bridges and Collins with their hollow inane soundbites were really shown up by the intellect, knowledge, passion and understanding of scientific research of some of the NZ youth leaders of the climate catastrophe (ref: Jane Goodall) action that appeared on the programme. Another other thing that Bridges lacks is the realism of the PM, Greta Thunberg and even slow learners like Macron who have a functional brain. They know that one talks past Trump and don’t waste time trying to reason with him.

  2. Mihi Forbes is a national treasure. That wasn’t an interview, it was a demolition. Bridges is concerned about climate change in the same way Gerry Brownlee is concerned about portion control. Anytime someone really puts the screws on Bridges, he ends up punching himself repeatedly in the face. Key had a superficial charm and the perverse ability to almost effortlessly squirm his way out of anything. (Including repeatedly touching up a waitress after she’d expressly instructed him to stop.) Bridges is a raging dumpster fire. Long may he Captain the Starship National as it continues to circle the intergalactic drain.

  3. Simon may or may not have said anythink about climate change but we know Jacinda did not despite the flowery adress she made to the UN. When in China did she say anythink about the a person of the Muslims.
    In regard to the Treaty settlement being redone how many times do they get a bit of the cherry. Much of the land taken would still have no value if not for the development taken place over the years. Ngai Tahu took their settlement years ago and have grow it to the benefit of their tribe and compete successfully . If other tribes followed their example instead of endless court battles with each other they could progress instead of asking for more hand out

    • How likely is Jacinda Ardern to change Donald Trump’s mind about climate change? She’d be wasting her breath. I know it. You know it. She knows it. You do the best you can with what little you have and given Trump’s facetious remarks about Greta Thunberg, it’s apparent Jacinda has a steaming handful of nothing when it comes to Trump’s willingness to sincerely discuss climate change. He’s an ignorant blowhard who believes he’s right about everything. If the guy’s not willing to listen to his own intelligence chiefs regarding the national security of the nation he’s ostensibly governing, why would he listen to the PM of a tiny, South Pacific backwater on a subject he believes is a hoax? Unlike Simon Bridges, Jacinda has better things to spend her time on than attempting to convince a drooling halfwit of the obvious.

    • trev they paid pepper corn rents for many decades from the land they got that was state sanctioned stolen/confiscated land your argument and excuses are old and warn out

  4. Goodness every time Bridges says something he looks more and more like a Village Idiot.

    Perhaps we should give praise to the NZ National Party for having such a ridiculous leader. He(Bridges)demeans the NZ National Party every time he opens his mouth.

    His ‘holier than thou’ behaviour certainly has put me off taking the guy seriously. He is as cringe-worthy as the ponytail pursuing John Key.

    • OMG JustMe – was there a ponytail pursuing John Key ? Revenge or bad taste ? Lust ? OMG Did anyone tell Paula ?

      Why she have her hair cut off anyway ? Lordy.

  5. Every time Simon Bridges opens his mouth to say something I cringe. Even when he is on the telly I thank whomever it was that invented the TV remote control with the mute button.
    He(Bridges)is such a Village Idiot. I, and probably many NZers, just cannot take the twit seriously. And so when I use the mute button in a Simon Bridges interview he looks like a clown with his mouth movements and expression.
    It’s like he deems himself to be the holder of ALL KNOWLEDGE about everything on the planet. He is coming across as yet another John Key(he too deemed himself as having an answer for everything to the point of pure stupidity in his answers to questions).
    I doubt Bridges would have been willing to bring up Climate Change etc with Trump because he(Bridges)would be all brave now(after the event i.e meeting with Trump)but there would have not been a peep out of the Gutless Wonder(that is Bridges)when confronted with someone with a bigger ego(Donald Trump) than his.

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