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  1. Top of the class: Labour seeks to emulate Finland’s school system

    In class children are listened to and respected, school lunches are free, detentions are rare and exclusions pretty much unheard of. Kuusimäki gave his last detention 15 years ago, and is visibly horrified at the idea of excluding a child from school. “As a principal, you can’t think like that. We are responsible for these children and their lives. We can’t give up.”

    Also some words of advice for other countries seeking to cherry pick and copy parts of the Finnish System

    Like Jerrim, Sahlberg is sceptical about other countries trying to simply copy the Finland model. “There are so many myths about what the Finnish system is and is not. This idea of copying has done a lot of damage.” Finland’s schools are rooted in the country’s distinctive history and culture; the population is small (5.5 million), and taxes are high.

    “You can’t go to Finland and cherry-pick the things that seem to be interesting and say, ‘We want to do like Finland is doing’. It’s much more complicated than that.” He also thinks it’s unrealistic for Labour to promise to abolish private schools. “It’s come too far this whole private education thinking. It’s very hard to remove it altogether.”

    It would be better, he says, for Labour to focus on strengthening the existing state sector in England, which has become fragmented through academisation and free schools. “Just abolishing something, saying private schools should be made illegal, it’s not going happen.”

    (In a NZ scenario, bureaucratic changes are not going radically reform the NZ system for the better aka decile changes, it needs to be a much more wholistic approach including why teaching has become low status, why so many kids are now in poverty, why has the school debate been more about money and funding and getting more funding from international students or business and more school construction for more kids, that the actual education and resources themselves, and why that might be failing, itself is hardly talked about).

  2. Lordy does NZ want to follow the UK ‘Grenfell’ system, having organisation upon organisation many who don’t know what was agreed in the fine print when social housing is being run as PPP’s or through multiple companies passing the buck for outrageous decisions… how expensive can maintaining a garden and parking really be?

    Disabled children among social tenants blocked from communal gardens

    “This particular block … is owned and controlled by Octavia Housing. Octavia sought to minimise service charges by specifying the areas that their residents would require access to within the development.”

    “We no longer own the freehold of this building. Residents should raise their concerns with the managing agents concerned and Octavia Housing.”

    Pinnacle, which manages the private side of the site, including parking, said in a statement: “We manage the development [on behalf of Westbourne Place Management Company Ltd] in accordance with the provisions set out in the leases which were agreed between Octavia and Redrow Homes prior to completion.”

    Westminster Council has opened a planning enforcement investigation to examine whether Redrow are in breach of the original planning permissions.”

    (So far in the NZ versions, we have people being sold housing off SHA land which does not include a driveway, letterbox or basic landscaping, which is then billed later to pretend that the costs were lower of the developments for social housing which it appears the development failed to meet and then have extra costs added before the new owners were allowed the title).

  3. “The Australian political blogger and novelist, Yang Hengjun, is being shackled in chains and interrogated inside a Beijing detention centre, and told by authorities he could face the death penalty for espionage.

    Detained in China since January, Yang continues to protest his innocence to authorities and says he can clear his name if he is able to speak with senior officials in the Chinese government.

    Speaking exclusively to the Guardian, multiple sources have described Yang’s conditions inside the ministry of state security detention centre in Beijing, where he was moved in July before being formally charged. Investigations in his case are continuing and could last until March next year.

    Yang Hengjun: Scott Morrison says China’s spy claims ‘absolutely untrue’

    Strict conditions inside the detention centre
    Yang, a former Chinese government diplomat-turned-“democracy pedlar” who ran a popular and influential blog, has not been allowed access to a lawyer, and has not been permitted to speak with his family. He has received no letters, but has been given two Xi Jinping books.

    Chinese officials have cited national security concerns for denying him access to his legal team for more than seven months.”

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