SkyCity workers strike to join the Student Climate Strike – Unite Union


Buses not Lamborghinis! SkyCity workers strike to join the Student Climate Strike at noon today.

SEA-Unite union members at SkyCity casino in Auckland have voted overwhelmingly to take strike action today to support the student led Climate Strike.

Over 95% voted to take strike action from 11.45am this morning so they can support the students in Aotea Square at noon.

“SkyCity has been making much of its carbon reduction policies, but unfortunately, the talk does not match what they are actually doing right now” said SkyCity Union Convenor Joe Carolan.

“Their latest promotion (attached screenshot) is to give away a gas guzzling Lamborghini (petrol consumption, over 22 litres per 100 km – over 12 mpg). So they will spend half a million dollars to promote climate destroying gas guzzlers, but apparently there is no money for working nights and weekends. Instead a few dealers will “win” $100 during the promotion.”

“They want real pay increases, not a pay lottery”

One of the union’s claims in bargaining was for SkyCity to work with the union and Auckland Transport for a plan to promote and incentivise use of public transport for workers to and from the casino – especially since there will be a new train station right at SkyCity in a few years.

According to Lead Negotiator Gerard Hehir “We were gobsmacked to be told that the terms of their $250 million sale of parking rights meant they could not do anything which might reduce the use of parking in the buildings. Despite all the greenwash they have, in the name of greater profits, locked themselves out of one of the most important ways of reducing carbon emissions”

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