TWITTER WATCH: For all those loving Greta – a reminder that you can never be woke enough!


The courage and passion Greta Thunberg has created with her brave stance at the UN has been attacked by NZ male broadcasters for reasons I’ve covered off here, but you would be foolish if all the criticism was just white men who don’t understand their climate denial is the roar of dinosaurs who appreciate they are extinct yet, oh no.

Here come the woke…

…I know.

I know.

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The planet is melting, Greta stands up to that and the woke are complaining about the lack of centred focus on non-binary POC voices???

The woke would eat their own young if they weren’t all vegan.

I’m feeling triggered and need my emotional support peacock.


  1. I’m guessing that there is going to be a massive increase of the middle class folks wanting to adopt kids with Aspergers!Its the next new fad!
    Maybe thats why the nutters in the Anti Vaxxers movement (middle class again) like this new populist trend for Aspergers kids

  2. Indigenous and non-white youth are speaking out and taking their place in the fight against climate change. And non-Aspies too (though I am one of Greta’s neurotribe myself). What does worry me is that she is cocooned by privilege and no doubt being coached and manipulated

    • It is very tiresome endlessly reading that Ms Thunberg is coached and manipulated. Everyone is! It is a fact of life that humans are social beings whose values and opinions are therefore influenced by those who are part of their world. That aside, most people also have the facility for taking responsibility for their own learning and apart from education systems, are adept at undertaking personal research, especially in areas for which they have a passion. Children and young people are very adept learners as most people learn more in their formative years than they do in the rest of their lives. So – lets get over it and show some respect for the fact that a 15 year old sitting quietly outside the Swedish Parliament struck a chord with a worldwide audience of those who can see the planet is under stress. It is also not unreasonable to assume that Greta Thunberg never sought the profile that her personal views of human irresponsibility for the planet has attracted.

      • Story tellers have used plot armour to keep important characters alive and avoid telling stories of a remade Stars Wars trilogy where we follow the struggles of the slave race that built Star Killer base and there efforts to have hand rails installed so they don’t all fall into the giant Laser Cannon trying to be a dormant volcano. Y’know even xenophobic genocidal organisations need to practice safety first as well.

        Actually I’d really like to see that movie so I can see how all the subordinates survive all that radiation from a laser beam that can vaporise several planets in one shot. But of course, we don’t have to worry about that because they’re all blessed with plot armour.

        Y’know that’s what I enjoy about Greta. Ordinarily anyone who protest bombed the stage at the UN with demands from the people in a viscous rant would get taken down hard by cops and probably receive a cavity search. But of course Greta too is blessed with plot armour.

  3. BIPOC hasn’t got anything to do with non-binary people at all. It stands for Black, Indigenous, People Of Colour – and includes many of the communities who have been making the same points Thunberg has for years about the environment and climate, but have been ignored or aggressively dismissed when they do.

    The only way you could have come to that conclusion it was about non-binary people is if you automatically assumed BI meant bisexual, which still doesn’t have anything to do with non-binary people.

  4. “I’m feeling triggered and need my emotional support peacock.”

    Preach it to me, Brother, preach it to me !

    Running towards a Safe Space as we speak. Praying there’ll be large bowls of marshmallows, calm pastel-coloured balloons & soothing videos of fluffy dogs there. As I sprinted across Lambton Quay in a state of high terror at the cisheteronormativewhitesupremicistPatriarchal grip on Society, I found myself surrounded by highly-triggered morbidly-obese ex-Boarding School Girls from remarkably privileged Establishment families, each with their own severe personality disorder to overcome & desperate to unpack their personal trauma (growing up in the notorious Projects of Remuera’s South Side) in front of the rest of us, while aggressively imposing their authority on as many innocent passersby as humanly possible.. Looking forward to the intense Emotional Labour freely gifted to us from these wonderful Woodford House, Rangi Ruru & Baradene College of the Sacred Heart survivors, an emotional labour exceeded only by their intense consumption of marshmallows, haute couture handcrafted chocolates & endless bags of cream doughnuts. Old Uncle Rupert’s generous annual stipend clearly comes in handy for the intense & nuanced “Self-Care” vital to the effective functioning of every Trust Fund Intersectional Warrior.

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