MEDIA WATCH: Brave Mike Hosking starts a fight with a 16 year old girl – who won’t this climate denial bully attack?

Mike Hosking is very unhappy old boy looking for a bright and wonderful future

After the deeply impassioned and righteous fury displayed by Greta Thunberg towards the empty words of hollow praise by World Leaders who still do nothing about the climate emergency, you would think most adults were too shamed to do anything but nod in embarrassed agreement.

Even Donald Trump could only muster faint praise…

…but not our big brave Mike Hosking!

Our climate-denying-multimillionaire-right-wing-screamer-at-young-woman-broadcaster-of- the-year couldn’t hold back his dripping contempt at Greta’s powerful speech and managed to attack Jacinda at the same time.

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In the Hosking household, that’s a called a toofer.

His ridiculous argument can be boiled down to, ‘I’m a  rich white male, shut the fuck up”.

For intellectual positions, it’s called the Hosking doctrine.

Mike accusing anyone else of a fantastic “sense of self-entitlement” has all the irony of Donald Trump judging a modesty competition.

Then again, Mike likes to attack women when they speak up, his bullying of Chloe Swarbrick was an example and remember his comments regarding the young waitress who spoke up when the Prime Minister repeatedly touched her?

Who won’t Mike scream at when he feels his privilege threatened? Based on this ridiculous attack on Greta, Mike Hosking would have told Martin Luther King to stop dreaming, Kate Sheppard to get back in the kitchen and Nelson Mandella to dump the uppity darkie malarky.

Mike is the screaming echo of a dinosaur who doesn’t know it is extinct yet.


    • The problem is that he hosts a show with probably the largest amount of listeners. He gets to set an often negative tone, and he gets in first. His bile is then reproduced on other media platforms. Then we have Garner on the rival network competing for the same audience. Each trying to be more outraged at the government than the other.

      They say Hosking starts his day with lemon water. Probably why he is a sour, little prick.

  1. “Mike is the screaming echo of a dinosaur who doesn’t know it is extinct yet.”


    He is arrogance personified, and his repeated use of “hot air” and “entitlement”- projecting much?

    “Based on this ridiculous attack on Greta, Mike Hosking would have told Martin Luther King to stop dreaming, Kate Sheppard to get back in the kitchen and Nelson Mandela to dump the uppity darkie malarky.”

    As a side note, the purchase of Kate Sheppard’s house by our present government, for educational and heritage purposes, is in stark contrast to the previous govt’s decision that they could not afford to do the same for Ed Hillary’s house. Very different values.

  2. My god I’ve hit rock bottom and actually agree with Hosking on something. This UN General Assembly jaw fest and formal fashion parade should be named “Muppets take Manhattan.” Why has Thunberg got a seat at the UN, she is not an elected official nor a climate expert. She is a circuit prop and ideologue for middle school mentoring. A teenager with a speech will determine the welfare of 7 billion people? A rule of research is that you do not trust unsubstantiated opinion or lack of authority (if she had any) when establishing truth. How can her childhood have been ruined by these world leaders or climate change or both? She is still going through childhood. She sails around the world receiving public adoration, and is meeting world leaders and eating hors d’oeuvres in a rich city in a wealthy country. She blames world suffering, death, ecosystem destruction and and ultimately mass extinction in 11.355 years on ‘that thing over there’, climate change. She is basing these findings on a degree or two temperature fluctuation, or the presence of ‘more weather events’, or the hand of God, or the butterfly effect? What, gut instinct? What about the threat from the military, pollution, greedy eco rape, natural events or chance? And why is the time for talk over? Is it time for outright anarchy and looting and killing people before the self-fulfilling apocalypse?
    As for the other buffoonery on display. Boris doesn’t trust the decision of the UK Supreme Court that prorogation was illegal. So what. This is someone who referred to Muslim women as letter boxes. Trump has told other nations that they should not try to control others (70% of the world has US bases), be menacing (like IRAN!!!!), or be a ruling class that abandons it’s people. This is not a meeting of the world’s leaders and thinkers, it is a hug box lunatic asylum for speculators in denial.

    • “This UN General Assembly jaw fest and formal fashion parade”

      Check out this link:

      New York, 23 September

      Major announcements by government and private sector leaders at the United Nations Climate Action Summit boosted climate action momentum, and demonstrated growing recognition that the pace of climate action must be rapidly accelerated. 77 countries committed to cut greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050, while 70 countries announced they will either boost their national action plans by 2020 or have started the process of doing so.

      Over 100 business leaders delivered concrete actions to align with the Paris Agreement targets, and speed up the transition from the grey to green economy, including asset-owners holding over $2 trillion in assets and leading companies with combined value also over $2 trillion.

      Many countries and over 100 cities – including many of the world’s largest – announced significant and concrete new steps to combat the climate crisis.

      More specifics at the link.

    • Well said, voice of reason If you want to play with the big boys and talk a lot of dribble take the good (adulation from far left) and criticism from everyone else Very poor from on her parents letting her be used like this and exposed to attack

      • The fact that you think Mike the voice of reason says more about you than anything else. Very poor from on your parents letting you believe Mike is such.

    • “she is not an elected official nor a climate expert. She is a circuit prop and ideologue for middle school mentoring. A teenager with a speech will determine the welfare of 7 billion people? ”

      She suree will. Its her future, Mr Popeye

      Of couyrse she’s not an “elected official”. No UN representatives are “elected”

      The rest of your witterings are the droolings on an uninformed Village Idiot. Go back to talkback radio , you have NOTHING TO OFFER US

  3. Mike is obviously obsessed with Jacinda as she comes up in every conversation he has with anyone about any subject. He must have photos of her plastered on his bedroom wall.

  4. I can’t decide if the Mike Hosking venom reached its toxic peak today, or hit its putrid all time low! Maybe both.

    Just as bad is the fact NZH put the Hosking insulting vile rant towards a very astute and dedicated young woman, as headline news!

    Hosking = trash
    NZH = trashy tabloid publication

    Go Greta …

    • “Just as bad is the fact NZH put the Hosking insulting vile rant towards a very astute and dedicated young woman, as headline news!”

      The vested interests of corporate media owners are having the biggest sway on the next election, and their war has already begun.

  5. As it is

    Popeye you should be ashamed! letting the Hosk make yet another balls up of himself and your good self.

    He fell on the canvas while a sixteen year old Girl ripped his guts open in front of the whole world.

    Not good Popeye.. bad as

    • Popeye’s not alone. One of my adult sons sees it the same way – this from when I sent him a vid of one of Greta’s speeches or calls-to-action. That was many months ago, and for the first time in his life we can barely speak to each other. He’s now an evangelical-climate change denier. (Ever since someone put him onto some far right propagandist – sigh…)

      I get that it may be easier for some to live in the world that way, as they think the only alternative is doomism. But it isn’t. We can take action – if not to prevent major catastrophes, to at least ameliorate the worst effects, particularly for the most vulnerable. (Is how i see it, anyways.)

      • No he’s not alone, other right wing extremists with a platform also like to ridicule and espouse. Duncan Garner is another. They rant, they rave, they carry on. They are however, entitled to their opinions.With the likes of the Hosk and Garner, the fact they behave like fuckwits trying to belittle others opinions, renders their own useless.

  6. Well said Pop Eye.
    Fear there will blood on someones hands with the way this kid is being pushed by others who should know better.
    Note how young kids in the LP have been treated of late.

  7. well said popeye. I am 70 plus and during my years I have listened to the hysteria around the Nuclear threat the cold war peak oil ice caps vanishing global cooling now global warming with huge sea level rises.
    l do not dispute the plant is getting warmer and I hate pollution due to people or companies not caring but I am sure mankind will deal with the problems that come along without destroying our entire way of life. Far to much sway has been heaped on this young 16 year old no wonder she gets emotional. She critizes the World leaders all of whom have to balance the wants and needs of millions of people . What can she know out side of her small window of lif experience. The truest words she said was she should be in school

      • Well said Bert. Also, the difference between this young girl and Hosking is that she has received international coverage while Hosking appeals only to the uninformed and unintelligent few who feel threatened when a young articulate and intelligent person tells it the way it is. He is like a dried up leaf blowing around in a wind eddy.

        Go Greta Thunberg – you are in inspiration to millions and

    • At least some people see the truth,a teenager being exploited for unproven scientific speculation,and threats being made against anyone who dares to caution climate change phenatics

  8. Good to see diversity of opinion on this site as usual.
    I for one do not find the young lady in question inspiring but rather off-putting. And if I – a card carrying member of many environmental organisations – find this to be so, I seriously question whether such action (as taken by this well-meaning young lady) is doing more harm than good. Give me Jane Goodall or David Attenborough who have a much broader perspective and see climate change as merely symptomatic of humanity’s oversized footprint (in terms of population and consumption) on our finite planet.

  9. He’s my age. Born and grew in the old Welfare State. I’ve known him media-wise for the last 30 years. Trying to diffuse talkback complaints about Shipley’s cuts to beneficiaries. Screwed, but caught in our origin, like the rest of us. A fool with force.

    And after us?

    • Very on-point article by Liam Dann yesterday evening.
      It doesn’t matter if you are 45, 65 or 85 – you have the power to remember what it meant to be young and see only the big picture. Doing that might help keep you young.

      Thunberg’s speech reminded me of the profound words of a 78-year-old man.

      He wrote them when he was 22.

      After all these years they are as relevant now as they ever were.

      Admit that the waters
      Around you have grown
      And accept it that soon
      You’ll be drenched to the bone
      If your time to you is worth saving

      And you better start swimming’
      Or you’ll sink like a stone,
      For the times they are a changing

      – Bob Dylan

  10. So much dribble being spoken here , did man & woman cause the ice age or was that a natural event of nature , next thing the world will stop going around , but the climate spin should keep us all spinning , past big spin about the world coming to an end has proved false so will some of the future spin about the end coming , get a life , sure we do need to clean our act up but some are spinning out like the end is comming , how many do gooders are flying , purchased goods transported by trucks ships and trains , using cellphones , driving cars made from metal plastic & the list goe’s on . Get a life before it’s to late .

  11. Greta Thunberg: A Doomerchick Is Born!
    Julie Ann Myers
    ” I’m pretty sure Greta keeps up on the current data… she isn’t “figuring out” WASF, she knows it. THAT’S “the truth” that she is shaming the UN for not telling the world. She knows the IPCC report is based on 5-year-old data at this point. She knows the report is put together by political hacks who massage the writings by the contributing scientific teams.
    She knows it ignores methane release from thawing permafrost.
    She probably is aware that the Antarctic polar vortex has disintegrated.

    Perhaps it is unrealistically idealistic to believe that the UN & world leaders can be held accountable in this age of lawlessness governments, but what else are teenagers for?
    We may not be able to save the Earth from burning, but that doesn’t mean the resulting fury of humans facing extinction won’t result in burning a few of the evil mofos responsible before they plunder national treasuries one last time & scurry off to their luxury bunkers. ”

    Mike Hoskins? Who’s that!? O Yes Just another overpaid heartless presstitute. Gob off for hire. Like S. Plonker.

  12. Look, just because Sad Mike acts and has a scrunchie hairdo like a schoolboy, doesn’t automatically permits him to bully other school kids.

  13. Mike talks sense. How can any one trust the words put in her mouth by the far left in their questions domination over all our lives. Man’s contribution to global warming is miniscule with no measurable effect. This rubbish about carbon emissions affecting our climate is the biggest hoax ever played out on mankind. These sheep follow and don’t even look at the facts. I am sick to death of these false stories about man made global warming flooding our media every single day. There is no emergency. It used to be called global warming they changed the narrative to climate change because their predictions turned out to be false. When are people going to wake up and use their common sense? The Emperor with no clothes syndrome.The world is being besieged by these globalist lunatics trying to tell us how to live our lives. The sooner this government is out the quicker we can try to correct the course of this crazy train we are on with Jacinta at the helm…

    • God Mark, how did you manage to pick up and use so many lines from the usual denialists and under rock dwellers, then shoehorn them into one patently absurd comment.
      Oh – was it supposed to be satire?

    • Mark what is the basis of your claim that the far left put words in Greta’s mouth. It is quite clear that she spoke from her heart, with intelligence, passion and clarity. Unlike you she does not need her lines to be scripted for her. CC is right – all your comments are mind-numbing repeats from those denialists and haters who won’t, or rather can’t confront the truth and who feel threatened by anyone including young people who have the courage to speak out on issues that affect all of us.

      There is nothing original in what you have said. At least Greta’s words were wonderfully original and inspirational.

    • These sheep follow and don’t even look at the facts. I am sick to death of these false stories about man made global warming flooding our media every single day.”

      What “facts”? care to share them with us?

      At the moment, its stories that are “flooding” our media. When the arctic ice cap vanishes into the oceans, and Antarctic ice follows, it’ll be morethan that flooding our cities

      “Man’s contribution to global warming is miniscule with no measurable effect. ”

      A bit thick aren’t you Mark?

      You epitomise the ignorance of climate change deniers so much that youre a caricature of the anti-science Village Idiot

  14. It most certainly comes across very strongly that Mike Hosking(and probably Duncan Garner)hates any female, no matter what age grouping they(the females)are in who have opinion and are strong minded.
    Hosking, like his beloved John Key(who probably is actually the ghost writer of the Mike Hosking articles in the tabloid NZ herald), love weak and submissive and of course obedient females. Hence his choice of wife right now. Goodness knows what Hosking will do if or ever when Katie Hawkesby decides enough is enough and stands up to him. We all believe in miracles however but the bombastic Mike Hosking will never change and even Liz Gunn noticed it and pointed out his bombastic and nasty attitude towards females quite some years ago.
    Lets face it but if Greta was a male(that is had a penis)and was a member of the NZ National Party and stood up to the powers that be about Climate Change Mike Hosking would be extolling the ‘male-Greta’s’ virtues to the world and saying how much the world needs other ‘male-Gretas’.
    In other words Mike Hosking will be, as per usual, resorting to selective behaviour in support of the NZ National Party because ‘at the end of the day’ the NZ National Party have the Hosking’s i.e Hosking and Hawkesby; totally and thoroughly in THEIR pocket.
    Hosking and of course Hawkesby will forever be indebted to the NZ National Party and will never speak intelligently because National will always tell them what to say and do.
    Oh to Hawkesby and Hosking I hope the time comes when you realise you are just being used by a political party that will quickly discard you once your usefulness has passed its “Used by Date”. But then your preparation to parrot the words of the NZ National Party shows how deep into their(Nationals) pocket you truly are into especially and likely financially.
    The main reason I do not take the tabloid NZ herald seriously is due to Hosking, Hawkesby, Young, Roughan, etc.etc.etc Whilst the tabloid NZ herald holds onto such destructiive journalists the less anyone would want to take such a newspaper as being credible.

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