Why would we believe anything Saudi Arabia has to say when blaming Iran?


The amount of anti-Iranian propaganda masquerading as informed comment over this Saudi drone strike in our media is remarkable, irresponsible and terribly dangerous.

If you wrote a list of countries who might launch an attack on Saudi Arabia so that America would start war with Iran, the Saudi’s come before Iran!

Why on earth are we believing any claim of ‘evidence’ of Iranian involvement from a country who recently chopped up a journalist and lied about it?

The Saudi’s crucify people and execute them on trumped up charges all the time, listening to them is like taking hurricane forecasts from Trump.

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I watched the madness of America’s rush to war against Iraq using fake evidence and the nightmare that caused, to start another war in the Middle East based on anything less than a videoed confession by the Supreme Ayatollah that he personally fired the drone strikes and that the West should ‘bring it bitch’, would be an abomination.



    • It depends on what is your definition of a warmonger.
      Trump finances and aids countries led by dictators where human rights and democratic processes are ceremonial at best.
      He finances armed uprisings against countries with policies opposed to US policies.
      He is responsible for countless civilian deaths in such countries but he regards these as “collateral”.
      If that is not a warmonger, I wonder what is?

    • Interesting, these murderous scumbags with there munitions supplied by amerika and the uk destroying millions of lives in Yemen, telling us “dem evil Iranians done it”. After watching our local repeaters with there direct from cnn, msnbc feeds ( Purely for research purposes) i can see why a casual observer may cop this crap. What does worry me is that on a site like TDB a blog like this garners three replys??? Totally agree with you Nitrium on “we came we saw he died cackle cackle” clinton.

    • “Fortunately Trump, for all his many faults, is not a war monger (at least not so far).”


      He just sells other warmongers billions of dollars of weapons of mass destruction

      I’m sure the people of Yemen appreciate your fine distinction Nitrium ( that was sarcasm in case you missed it)

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