Pub Politics 4: Monday 8pm – ‘What will be the big issues of 2020 election’


If you thought Pub Politics 1 with Chloe Swarbrick, Paula Bennett, David Seymour and Chris Fowlie departing cannabis was great.

If you thought Pub Politics 2 with Paul Goldsmith, David Cunliffe, Efeso Collins and Damien Grant was hilarious.

If you thought Pub Politics 3 with Goff and Tamihere beating each other up for an hour gaining nationwide media attention was shocking.

Then brace yourself for Pub Politics 4!

Monday 8pm Chapel Bar live streamed on TDB ‘What will be the big issues of 2020 election’

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Matt McCarten – Former Chief of Staff for Labour Party
Lucy Lawless – Activist & Actor
Bishop Brian Tamaki – Apostle of Christ
Mike Treen – Unite Union Boss

You read that right! Are you not entertained? We keep bringing you debate you can’t get, see or hear anywhere else in the NZ political broadcasting spectrum!

Register your interest here and this is strictly first in, first served in terms of the Chapel Bar 147 Ponsonby Rd on the night. I suggest you get there by at least 7pm to guarantee a spot inside.



    • I suspect the answer is no.
      But then again right wing voters probably feel the same about National and perhaps that’s the point.
      As the saying goes, a good negotiation is when everyone is unhappy.
      I don’t really think a situation where either left or right entirely get what they want is either desirable or even possible.
      So maybe this is as good as it gets?
      Not in terms of delivery because Labour have been woeful, but in terms of intent.

      • The problem goes deeper than that I’m afraid, in that even there isn’t even a sincere intent to restore social democracy – as shown by the tax working group fiasco. There is no nation-building project from the “left”. Instead we get the Balkanization of identity politics, and the recent announcement of “identity” as part of the new school curriculum emphasis suggests things will only get worse in the near future. The problem goes right to the top – remember Jacinda’s early speech when she announced her three priorities as “climate, inequality and women”? I’m right with her on the first two priorities, but “women”? In a country where it’s boys where are failing at school, where young men are topping themselves at record-breaking rates, and where it’s men who are facing the prospect of massive job losses to robots (e.g. driverless vehicles), Jacinda is still reading from her feminist textbook. The “left” refuses to learn – this misguided emphasis on identity politics creates fertile ground for a Trump-style populism.

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