MEDIAWATCH: Goff vs Tamihere RNZ interview – Phil forgets Corin caught him out on Southern & Molyneux ban claims


Fascinating RNZ interview in the wake of the hysterical knee jerk to a cut and paste of the Pub Politics debate this week.

Goff forgets that Corin interviewed him boasting about banning Southern & Molyneux and John turns the argument into a free speech issue.

The faux outrage and attempt to claim Tamihere is a white supremacist Nazi is probably doing Goff’s campaign more damage than any good.

It’s like the Identity Politics Left in Auckland have learnt nothing from Brexit or Trump.

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On paper you have to say Goff must win this, but the fury and anger from gridlocked Aucklanders struggling to get any where on ruptured infrastructure under Goff’s incremental style has created an untapped rage that Tamihere could appeal to and pull off the greatest political upset since Tim Shadbolt won the Auckland Mayoralty.


  1. “It’s like the Identity Politics Left in Auckland have learnt nothing from Brexit or Trump.”
    Well said!

    The left is in self destruction mode. Today’s woke-left is intolerant and authoritarian. It is evident they are now the bad guys.

    It would be an interesting essay for someone like Chris T to map out the historical transition of the left from what used to be a true working class movement to the awful monster it has become.

    • +1 Andrew, for once I agree with you – a small group drunk on power, seems to have taken over the voice of the left and it’s not pretty – intolerant and authoritarian.

      Saying that, the voice of the right is the similar, without morals, corrupt, and authoritarian.

      If there was something in the middle to vote for!

      There does not seem to be any middle ground represented.

      In the absence of anyone all around who is middle/left to vote for, I’d love to see some of these disruptors, in charge of the neoliberals at the councils, who can’t make a decision without a Big 5 report costing hundreds of thousands and millions in lawyers fees, to cover their asses…

      Tadhg Tim STOPFORD seems to represent the Hemp society but bizarrely seems the most normal in what his vision is, and investigating local bonds sounds a better way to raise money than PPP’s or privatising assets like water care. He sadly seems obsessed with Hemp, though but at least seems to have a day job as a teacher.

      Susanna Kruger born in Namibia but lived in NZ for a long time, who seems to want to unshackle from consumerism and embrace human capital rather than money, so at least has some ideas, aka life-long leased land for an entrepreneur academy for the un-/under-employed, a skills-based micro-business incubator supporting self-employment, an inquisitorial McKenzie Friend court without judges and lawyers, and a do-it-yourself eco-friendly housing scheme.

      Craig LORD, seems like a nice guy who is down to earth!! Big plus there. (. However is slightly obsessed with motor sports though and in my view, Auckland already has enough noise and pollution, but at least he is hopefully against the laughable AT lowering of speed in Auckland when congestion and getting somewhere in a timely fashion without a truck blowing up in your path and grid locking traffic for 5 hours a day is more of an issue)…

      If you can’t beat them, disrupt them!

  2. Sick of these two yet they have been going hammer and tongs at one another after a while you get tired of it cant they be civil to one another nah! that would be too hard

    • Yeah it’s like watching Bennett trying to be relevant. All hail the powerful and almighty!
      I say to Paula “Highlander” there can be only one!

  3. Holy crap. So now Martyns sick of the traffic jams in Auckland and just wants some neo liberal dipstick like Tamahere to deal with it? Poor old Martyn doesn’t realise that there may be some incinvenience involved in turning around climate change. What a joke!

    • Of all the assumptions to make, yours Spikeboy could perhaps be the most absurd. Yes, like many, many, many Aucklanders I am sick of the gridlock. No I do not want some neo liberal dipstick winning to deal with it, I think that IF he wins, it will be because the incrementalism of Goff has failed to appreciate the fury living in a gridlocked city is generating.

      I think I am well aware of the inconvenience coming, my argument is why the fuck won’t the dirty filthy wellington bureaucrats who engineer this gridlock be forced to pay to fix it. Central Government sets the immigration not local Government yet Auckland sees the vast majority of the immigration and doesn’t get funded for that.

      Look at the mass tourism through Auckland Airport and the Cruise Ships – things that we won’t be able to have at such numbers in a rapidly warming environment.

      What your knee jerk reaction however shows is the contempt for a lived experience of other Aucklanders, and thats what Goff’s campaign team are guilty of as well, my guess is that contempt could be the reason why Tamihere wins – IF he wins, again on Paper this is a Goff win, yet the anger many Aucklanders feel about their gridlocked life experience in Auckland could be the deep resentment Tamihere connects with.

      Thank you for your comment.

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