The drumbeat for war with Iran



The amount of anti-Iranian propaganda masquerading as informed comment over this Saudi drone strike in our media is extraordinary.

The nature of these attacks is that the tech is too sophisticated for rebel groups or terrorist groups and that they can’t be easily identified to any country. Into that void is trundled that narrative that it’s Iran.

This is insane.

There are many players in this game who want to trick America into a war with Iran, and there is no actual reason why Iran would directly wish to start a war.

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The first case of these mystery drone swarms attacking military hardware occurred against the Russians in Syria last year.

Why on earth the West should collectively rush to support a brutal regime and blatant human rights abuser like Saudi Arabia is utterly beyond me. How could NZ, the country where women first won the right to vote support a country where Women have just been granted the right to drive.

The issue of fragile oil supply lines is simply a reminder as to why NZ needs to be moving to electric cars and 100% renewable energy, it’s not an invitation to get involved in the next American fuck up in the Middle East.

America started a disastrous war in Afghanistan that is still not finished and a fake war in Iran based on Weapons of Mass Destruction that didn’t exist.

Let Jacinda be crystal clear when she meets Trump, NZ will not get involved in another idiotic American adventure in the Middle East.



  1. The possibility that is likely to be ongoing of a middle east war cutting off oil supplies is a much more real and present danger to the transport system here than is a climate catastrophe caused by CO2 . A good reason to have an alternative transport system indeed.
    I suspect that Trump does not want to start a war in the middle east or anywhere else, but the deep state is doing everything it can to trapping him in to doing so. More to get rid of him than to get rid of Iran .
    An interesting side effect of such a development though , is that it would make US fracked oil production profitable for the first time ever. This would appeal to Mr Trump but I think he would rather use sanctions than missiles.
    I bet he does not start a war with Iran whatever happens.
    D J S

    • Yes. Pretty damn obvious really. Yemen has been under serious attack now for a long time from the brutal Saudi US UK alliance. Some of the richest against one of the very poorest. Of course, to admit that Yemen is able to expose these nations in such a way is not going to happen. Therefore it must be Iran. Yemeni people have nowhere else to go to. This is their home and if the Saudis expect them to just lay down I guess there will be more oil installations catching fire.

    • The problem with ‘peace’ over all @ michelle is that there’s no money in it.
      ‘Peace’ per se is annoyingly cost efficient.
      Two- way patterns are formed between peoples of differing views/beliefs/cultures ( Think the markets of old Florence. Once famous for its multicultural markets used as meeting places as much as buying goods.)
      ‘Peace’ means open trade and the sharing of ideas that are not bound by, nor manipulated by God bothering mumbo jumbo and real advances are made in real time culturally which inevitably creates prosperity, peace and harmony.
      Stirring up shit between opposing points of view ultimately means yet another super yacht is launched or another huge jet with one passenger on board leaves Heathrow for the Seychelles.
      And do you know who most profits from creating problems where there were none?
      The Banks.
      Check this out?
      And if you think this was a one-off exclusively plaguing London and EU? Think again?Look closer to home.
      ‘The men who plundered Europe’: bankers on trial for siphoning €60bn
      George Monbiot. The Guardian.
      While current banking systems function unfettered and without borders while dipping freely into our taxes? There will never be the manifestation your wonderful idea of ‘peace’.
      Actually. I’d argue that the very nuclei of the concept of ‘democracy’ depends upon democratically elected governments forming an in-government public banking system openly supported by taxation to keep the Beast that is private banking crushed down and pushed out of our lives.

  2. We also need to clean our own backyard up before we get involved in others stick to peace and well being for all our citizens

  3. Imagine, if all the good people of America had got Trump impeached, and they were now represented by President Pence.

    Would we already be at war with Iran?

  4. The Yemen Houthi rebels have already claimed responsibility. It is entirely possible (even likely) that they used Iranian weapons to carry out the attack. So what? Half the planet is using US weapons every day for all sorts of crimes (including Saudi’s bombing schools and hospitals with US planes and bombs). Is the US also prepared to take responsibility for each and every atrocity associated with their weapons? This argument is utter nonsense, just like it would be for a crime that involves a car or knife or gun etc and holding the manufacturer/seller responsible.

  5. Trump is a lot of things but compared too the Bushes he is no war monger but the people around him are a bit more blood thirsty when it comes too forcing other countries into war when it suits their agenda.
    It would be to quote Paul Buchanan who is a former intelligence and defense policy analyst no sunday picnic a considerable understatement.
    Any conflict in the gulf will be catastrophic and has the potential too involve the entire region.
    It will not be a stroll through Baghdad like last time.
    Also the ramifications for every country who is chained too their addiction for oil will get seriously burnt.

  6. Even Trump said no to the CP-TPP…..but as for NZ my prediction is it will do as its told as always…….just wait and see…..

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