So much for the ‘Christchurch Call’ being a meaningless talkfest


Comrade Simon denigrated the ‘Christchurch Call’ as a meaningless talkfest that achieved nothing…

Simon Bridges slams Christchurch Call, says PM too focused on Twitter

The Prime Minister is too focused on Twitter and Facebook and not on the issues that matter to everyday New Zealanders, National leader Simon Bridges says.

And he adds that the Christchurch Call, an agreement signed by 17 countries and eight online platforms including Twitter and Facebook to tackle online terrorist content and violent extremism, is a talkfest that has achieved nothing.

…cough-cough. A talkfest that achieved nothing hu?

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Facebook announces raft of changes, some prompted by the Christchurch Call

Anyone in New Zealand who looks at extremist content on Facebook will in the future be directed to websites helping people to leave hate groups.

This is one of a raft of changes announced by Facebook, some of which were prompted by the Christchurch Call – a commitment by countries and tech companies to eliminate violent extremist content online – following the mosque attacks.
…this is a huge achievement by the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition needs to apologise for his mean spirited criticism.
Talking can produce real world outcomes, this is a major achievement and it’s more than Simon would have managed seeing as he wouldn’t have even bothered trying.


  1. As a former resident of that city, could we stop calling it the ChCh call? This puts such a negative label on the city. Well, a bit late now, I suppose. But ChCh should be better known for other that a massacre (and earthquakes).

    • Like having consecutive twat mayors.
      I do feel sorry for chch having suffered more than it’s fair share with earthquakes and the Australian terrorist attack.
      The truth is the “chch call” is Ms Ardern branding herself on her empathy at the time.
      It’s cynical and doesn’t allow for the feelings of local people who flinch when they hear the shabby PR term, but it looks great for Jacinda on the world stage. “ hey she’s the lady in the headscarf” “ I wish she was our prime minister”
      Never let a crisis go to waste eh Labour.
      Playing politics with a tragedy.

  2. Look Bridges is a moron, we( those with any resemblance of intelligence)all know it. He’d sell his grandmother to win an election. The reason he labelled it a “talkfest” is because Bridges and National are just so used to bulldozing through policy(. Don’t talk, just do it regardless of the consequence. Around the world we would call that a dictatorship) Someone said to me during the ChCh aftermath if I could imagine if that was Bridges instead of Ardern as P.M. offering empathy or designing policy around gun control? I replied, have you not learnt nothing about the history of National, Bridges, English and Key. Have you listened to the JLR tapes and how “Pugh is f…ing useless and Carter’s on his way out”. If he’s saying that about his own, what does he think about everyday kiwi’s? Then there’s English and those 450 texts at 2.00am, not to mention Key, “I will get your men out of that mine”and ponytail gate. Throw in Bennett and exposing beneficiaries names publicly and you have got the most unsympathetic group of politicians in my lifetime. However when the shoes on the other foot, Bridges nor Key were more than happy to play politics on those tragedies! No one can take Bridges seriously, he is a clown and Nationals policies over 9 years will continue to hurt us for many years yet. The biggest being uncontrolled immigration and the domino effect that created.

    • Having gone through the Chch earthquakes I am so glad National were in charge. They saved so many businesses and jobs by swiftly coming up with aid so quickly. They were not perfect in all the moves they made but it was a unprecedented situation.
      Then they were tested with Kaikoura and did a grest job with the highway rebuild. Compare that with the help that took weeks following the bad weather on the WestCoast and the slow reaction to the measles outbreak. Jacinda did a great job following the March 15th shooting and she deserves praise for that but running a country needs more than a smile and shaking your head

      • Hold your praise on the road rebuild.
        It was all about widening the tunnels and putting bigger trucks on the road, the speed limit is lower, traffic is backed up, the big trucks can’t stay in the lanes and the road surface over the entire length needs redoing already after endless patches.

      • Trevor – Saved businesses. Great.What about the stressed-out people with wrecked homes who are still fighting insurance issues ? Oh, I forgot. National isn’t really into houses and homes, is it Trevor ? Human beings, Trev.

  3. I do not celebrate the Christchurch Call, it is the first step to real censorship of the Web, many blogs have already been chilled.

  4. And another comment: Isn’t there something just slightly chilling about “Anyone in New Zealand who looks at extremist content on Facebook will in the future be directed to websites helping people to leave hate groups”? On-line re-education camps?

  5. “Facebook will in the future be directed to websites helping people to leave hate groups..that should have almost zero effect”…the only possible positive would be if someone is already well immersed in a group and thinks they need to actually leave. Possible the smallest demographic ever. Like old skinheads looking to change direction and volunteer at the Salvation Army.

    But its an easier ‘tick of the box’ than actually trying to change the factors in society, employment, housing, job security and dysfunctional families and relationships that create lonely young men with gun fetishes.

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