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I didn’t realise we had to build the bloody houses ourselves Twyford.


    • LOL – good one. A change from the ‘motorbike’ action pics that Goff likes, but probably too much blue collar reality for the new bromance comedy turns tragedy duo ‘The Phils’

  1. If you vote us in, we’ll build you 100,000 new houses, however in the decade that takes, at current numbers of immigration aka circa 300,000 per year, we will have bought in 3 million more people to live in NZ that need housing…. numbers an’t our thing!

    That’s 30,000 people per new house…. LOL the woke thought 10 in a house was overcrowding…

    • In short is the government is relying on the ‘brain drain’ aka educated higher paid Kiwi’s leaving NZ shores in their thousands and no longer needing housing, to be replaced with Sroubeks, Qiannan Tangs, Rohit Singhs in their ten thousands along with their families….

      It is hard to work out the rationale behind these policy ideas… maybe part of the post modern, post apocalyptic, virus replication, Rogernomics ?

  2. “Why is it our responsibility to keep digging National out of the crap every time they are in Government ? For fuck’s sake Phil, not even that thing behind us is big enough for that job!”

  3. 2 x dicks.
    Within them, their organs are digesting fine foods and their fat arses? Been sitting in fancy cars.
    This scene reminds me of how fucked we’ve become comfortable with being.

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