MEDIAWATCH: After a one hour debate, look at what the NZ mainstream media focus on


It really says something about the mainstream media in this country that all they take out of a fierce one hour debate is a flippant comment at the end and make that breaking news…

…for the record, I wasn’t awkward. The insinuation that Tamihere was serious and is actually a white supremacist Nazi in disguise – which is currently being espoused by the perpetually outraged woke on Twitter, is, and how do I say this politely, clinically insane.

Tamihere’s comment was in reference to the Southern & Molenuex issue that had surfaced earlier in the debate, Stuff covers it very well here.

You can read my review of the debate here, watch the full debate here and make up your own mind…

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  1. Is Labour trying on a tactic used by Trump Humpers? The “Lock’em Up!” move, like they tried on Killary Clinton.

    What a bunch of Lame Arse Losers.

    PS: Dont vote for City Vision! Vote for Mike Lee!

  2. I don’t bloody care WHO said it

    It is offensive and disgusting

    I t suggestes Tamihere hasnt learned a damn thing since his homophobic comments comments a few years ago

    If this is someone any leftist thinks is suitable to be elected into public office then we have set the bar very very low indeed

  3. The major problem with this mayoral election is that there is no Chloe. We just have two old man cursing each other. In a comedic setup, very amusing indeed, but to represent Tamaki Makaurau, four letter male first names bring to mind another four letter word. JT is clearly reckless, PG is boring. Lucky us JAFAs eh?

  4. All Auckland Mayoral candidates are total numpties, but Goff is the least bad option. I can’t stand his neoliberal leanings, he’s the author of the TPP for f#$ks sake. His “diversity” speech was rubbish if he doesn’t allow diversity of opinion in Council premises.

    “Diversity” in NZ has been a Trojan horse for National to import 100 000 obedient Blue Green voters loyal to the CCP. And for wrecking the housing market, chucking working class Kiwis and young people into an unbreakable cycle of renting oppression. And for ignoring/excusing the unsustainable environmental and social impacts of loads more humans everywhere at a shocking rate. All so that wealthy landowners can make more $$$

    But looking at who is backing Tamihere (a lot of hard right operators) I cannot trust a word he says. Suspect he will privatise the Port and Watercare, and obstruct public transport. So I will put up with Goof again.

  5. If Tamihere is elected be prepared for a rollercoaster ride.

    He has always been controversial and outspoken.

    My grandmother always said a still tongue makes for a wise head.

    Tell ya what Bomber its been great publicity for these pub debates !

  6. Tamahere will be entertaining and controversial don’y you worry about that. However he has got a good brain underneath the brash exterior.

  7. Yes he has a good brain and a big waha that sometimes get out of control. I think goff brings out the worst in tamahere either way these two have been ding donging it for a few weeks now. As long as they care and look after the people to me that is the most important thing

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